The Year of Youth invites the church into dialogue about the importance and life-giving presence of young people in the Church and society. It calls for dialogue and active engagement focused on the reconnection and renewal of a new generation of young people in the life of the Church.

2018 Synod on Young People, Faith and Vocational Discernment
Read Bishop Mark's full four minute intervention at the Synod HERE 
Read Archbishop Fisher's full four minute intervention at the Synod HERE
Read Sebastian Duhau's full four minute intervention at the Synod HERE
Read Archbishop Peter's full four minute intervention at the Synod HERE 
In October 2016, Pope Francis called for a Synod on Young people, faith and vocational discernment. This Synod has involved years of preparation. It kicks off in Rome on 3 October and runs til 28 October. To help understand what a Synod is and what is happening, we've put a couple of resources together....
Download the PDF on What is a Synod? HERE
Download a timeline for the Synod in October HERE
Download the Synod's working document or Instrumentum Laboris from the Vatican website HERE
Check out our conversation with Angela Markas. Angela represented Oceania in a pre-snodal meeting in Rome in March where a key document was produced from over 300 worldwide representatives. To learn more about it, see her chat with Leeanne below. You can also read the document right HERE
World Youth Day 10 Year Anniversary Resources
In this Year of Youth we are striving to recapture the joy, enthusiasm and hope of WYD08. The Archdiocesan Office for Youth has put together resources to assist parishes in celebrating and marking the 10 year anniversary of Days in the Diocese and World Youth Day in Sydney 2008. 
Reflection videos (click to download)
Fr Nicholas shares WYD08 as a Seminarian (3.17) HERE
Ericka shares WYD08 as a young Catholic (2.58) HERE
Llewy and Leeanne shares WYD08 with a youth group (3.03) HERE
Emily shares WYD08 as a Vincentian (2.24) HERE
Dorothy shares WYD08 at Our Lady of the Way, Kingsbury (2.36) HERE
Fr Steven shares WYD08 at St Mary's Greensborough (3.15) HERE
Download the sample Intercessory Prayers HERE
Other ideas your parish may like to commemorate this anniversary: 
  • Put together an exhibition of photos and souvenirs from DID and WYD and display in your church foyer. 
  • Have a reunion event and particularly invite past hosts, pilgrims and parishioners who were involved in celebrating WYD. In the background play footage from the official videos. Watch the highlights HERE (5.46)
  • Get a past pilgrim from your parish to write a reflection 10 years on and publish it in your parish newsletter. 
  • Play the WYD08 theme song at Mass on Sunday 15 July. 
  • During the month of July, there will be memories and images shared across our Facebook and Instagram accounts, we encourage parishes to do the same and/or share our posts. 
Year of Youth 2018 Resource
The Archdiocesan Office for Youth (AOY), as the nominated office working for young people in the Melbourne Archdiocese has a special role to play in promoting and resourcing the Year of Youth in our Archdiocese. 
We decided to develop a resource to assist parishes and communities to break open the theme of the Year of Youth and help them begin to plan how they can mark the Year of Youth on a local level. 
This resource contains useful documents to provide the background to the Year of Youth as well as many practical suggestions and ideas for how the Year of Youth can be celebrated. It is really only a start, however, and we know that there will be many creative ways that the Year of Youth will be celebrated across our Archdiocese. 
The resource contains five sections to highlight the different focus areas we are encouraging parishes to mark. Each section contains an overview of the focus area and a number of suggestions of ideas for parishes and community groups. 
AOY “Young Saints” resource
The AOY has created a “Young Saints” traveling exhibition of six portable pull-up banners featuring photographic images of six young saints. It has an accompanying (downloadable) resource with a short biography of each Saint and includes a prayer or reflection.
Download HERE.
The resource may be used as a display in your parish, school, or community on significant days (e.g. World Youth Day, Vocations Sunday, All Saints Day etc.) and can also be used as a youth group session. The traveling exhibition may be booked for your parish, school or community by contacting the Archdiocesan Office for Youth at  / 9287 5565.
The Year of Youth in Your Parish
Other Resources
Australian Catholic Bishops Conference resources for the Year of Youth
This website contains background information, resources and other national announcements about the Year of Youth in Australia.
The ACBC has also made the iconic indigenous Year of Youth artwork available for purchase from them directly HERE
If you require additional Year of Youth prayer cards, please contact the AOY directly HERE, we have a stash we can send out!
Any other queries can be directed to the National Resource Coordinator: Rachelle Smith
Mobile: 0435 652 745
Vatican website for the 2018 Synod: 
Get an AOY Year of Youth Banner
Would you, your group or parish like to get a Year of Youth banner. The Year of Youth banner is a great way to put your year of youth efforts on the map! Find out how you can get a banner delivered to you HERE.
Anointed and Sent
Anointed and Sent is the national vision for youth ministry. One of the goals for the Year of Youth is for everyone to discern what Anointed and Sent looks like in their own ministry context. Anointed and Sent is the national vision for youth ministry. One of the goals for the Year of Youth is for everyone to discern what Anointed and Sent looks like in their own ministry context. To view an online version of Anointed and Sent click HERE.
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