National Evangelisation Team (NET)
As part of the Archdiocese’s commitment to youth ministry, Melbourne hosts a National Evangelisation Team (NET) who are available throughout the year to hold retreats and activity sessions for young people. The team is made up of young people from Australia and overseas who have chosen to take a gap year to go on mission. The primary mission of NET is to work with Catholic schools to provide dynamic and engaging encounter days as part of the schools’ religious education program. The team also provides services for parishes and youth groups.
The young men and women who comprise the team are highly dedicated and motivated to serve within the Catholic Church. Each team member has successfully completed an intensive six-week NET training course. The mixture of geographic areas, ethnic and family backgrounds represented on the team adds to a team’s effectiveness in relating to a cross section of young people.
NET Encounter Day includes the use of music, relational activities, small group discussion, drama, personal faith sharing, prayer and liturgy.
A wide range of themes have been carefully designed to meet the needs of students. These themes include:
• Forgiveness          • Search for meaning
• Social Justice        • Female self-image
• Peer pressure       •  Discipleship
• Male self-image    • Encountering Jesus
• God’s Love           • Co-ed self-image
• Leadership          • Life choices
• Respect              • Confirmation
The NET team is booked by a range of schools (both primary and secondary) throughout Melbourne and Victoria to run a variety of retreats. Topics and formats can be negotiated between staff and the NET leaders based on the needs of the students and the ability of team members. The team is ideally suited to work with students from Year 7 to Year 10.
The team is also available to visit parishes and work with youth groups.
Booking NET 
The team is hosted by the Melbourne Archdiocese and works closely with the Archdiocesan Office for Youth in their ministry to young people. To find out further information or inquire about booking the team please contact (03) 9287 5526 or
Joining NET
If the life of a NETTER appeals to you, then more information can be found at the NET Ministries Australia website here.
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