Helpful web links and apps
Below is a list of non-exhaustive website links and apps for you to check out!
Youth Ministry

Group Games and Activities

Looking for some games to get your group started? Need ideas for those dreaded “ice-breaker” activities? These sites have hundreds of games that you can easily adapt to your group – whatever their ages. Read through the games carefully to make sure they are appropriate (and safe) for your group!

Online Formation for Leaders

We all need a little support to grow as leaders. Here are some websites which help youth ministers stay inspired, learn new skills, and learn from some of the most experienced youth ministry leaders in the church.

Youth Ministry Inspiration

Running youth group this week? These sites contain ideas and inspiration for sessions on prayer, sprirituality, scripture and catechesis you can lead in your youth ministry with teenagers or young adults.


 Name  Description  Price
 iCatechism    Catechism   $
 YouCat    Catechism  Free
 Compendium Catechism  Catechism    $$
 Audio Catholic Courses  MP3 on various topics/lectures  Free
 Word on Fire  Blog / Sermon from Fr Robert Barron  Free
 Salt and Light Media  Blog, live streaming, podcasts etc  Free


 Name  Description  Price
 Catholic Mass Locator (Melbourne only)  Search Mass times in Melbourne  Free
 Catholic Calendar  Catholic Calendar Liturgical Calendar   Free
 One Source - Catholic News &  Stewardship  by O'Meara Ferguson  Catholic News Blog, news, info  Free
 The Pope App  All things Vatican  Free
 KEY       $ less than $5      $$ 5-10      $$$ greater than $10  

Prayer and Scripture

 Name  Description  Price
 iPieta  (Comprehensive)  Prayers, Readings etc  $
 Laudate (Comprehensive)  Prayers, Readings etc  Free
 Magnificat English Ed  (Ireland, UK,  Australia)  Mass, Prayer, Meditation, Essays  $$$
 Divine Office (Comprehensive)  Prayers, Readings etc  $$$
 Universalis (Comprehensive)  Prayers, Readings etc  $$$ 
 Evangelizo  Readings, Saints, Prayer intentions  Free
 Catholic Short Prayers Lite  Prayer  Free
 3 Minute Retreat  Prayer / Daily Reflection  $
 iBreviary TS  Prayer  Free 
 Night Prayer (Compline)  Audio Night Prayers  $
 eVotions – Bl John Paul II  Prayers, Reflections and Novena  Free
 Divine Mercy  Divine Mercy  Free
 Mary App  Mary Resource  Free
 The Holy Rosary  Rosary    Free
 iRosary  Rosary  $
 Holy Rosary Audio  Audio Rosary  $
 Confession  For Sacrament of Confession  $
 Bible for Catholics  Bible  Free
 The Bible  Bible  Free
 iMissal  Catholic Missal  $$
KEY       $ less than $5      $$ 5-10      $$$ greater than $10 

Youth Group Resources

 Name  Description  Price
 Group Games  Youth Group Games  $
 Group Games - A guide for Facilitators &  Teachers  Youth Group Games  $
 Sword of the Spirit - Christian Bible Verse    Memory Game  Young Youth Group Games  Free
 Bible Memory For Kids  Young Youth Group Games  $
 Bible Memory Verses  Bible Games  Free
 American Bible Challenge  Bible Games  Free
KEY       $ less than $5      $$ 5-10      $$$ greater than $10 
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