AOY Youth Ministry LIbrary

What is the AOY Youth Ministry Library?

The AOY Youth Ministry Library is a collection of books, DVDs, CDs, songsheets and other resources that you can borrow to use in your youth ministry or for your own personal development. We have resources on catechises, love and sexuality, youth ministry, music, prayer, spirituality, and more! To view a complete list of all the resources in our collection, click the button below to download the latest catalogue.

Who can borrow from the Youth Ministry Library?

Anyone who is a youth ministry leader in the Archdiocese of Melbourne is welcome to borrow from the library. You will need to provide your personal contact details, and the contact details of the parish or community in which you serve.

How do I borrow an item from the Youth Ministry Library?

If you would like to borrow or reserve an item, get in touch with us through the booking enquiry form below, by email at or by phone at 03 9287 5565. We will arrange to send the item to you direct by post, and you can return it free of charge using our reply paid postal number.

How long can I have an item for?

You can borrow books and songsheets for 4 weeks, and DVDs and CDs for 2 weeks out but if you need more time, just let us know. Programme materials which are designed to run over a number of sessions can be borrowed for longer periods.

Can I reserve an item from the Youth Ministry Library?

Yes! When you are planning your youth group activities, consider using resources from the Youth Ministry Library, and book them in up to a year ahead through our booking enquiry form.

What happens if I lose or damage an item I borrow from the Youth Ministry Library?

We understand accidents sometimes happen! If you lose or damage an item, we ask you to reimburse the cost of the item so that we can replace it. 

What if I can’t find what I’m looking for?

If you are after resources about a topic that we haven't covered, contact us! We'd love you to tell us what kinds of resources would be most useful to your youth ministry.

How can I return items borrowed from the Youth Ministry Library?

When you borrow an item from the Youth Ministry Library we'll give you our reply paid address so you can return items free of charge. You can also contact us at 03 9287 5565 to arrange a drop off time at our office or at six30 Holy Hour. 
Youth Ministry Catalogue
AOY Staff Recommendations

Mother Teresa
Recommended by Kath

An inspiring documentary on the life and works of Mother Teresa as it follows her over five years of work across ten countries. A great resource to utilise in her canonisation year. The AOY also has a resource that can be used with the DVD for FREE - just download it here!
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