Foundations in Faith Lecture Series 2011

In March, young adults were given the chance to explore various aspects of the Catholic faith at the Foundations in Faith lecture series. Each session focused on a different topic, from who Jesus is and how we can get to know him and his mission through the scriptures. It also offered participants the opportunity to ask questions about the Catholic faith and its importance in today's world. Below are some notes from the sessions.
  • Who is Jesus? | Speaker: Bishop Timothy Costelloe (download notes)
    The Catholic faith is centered on Jesus Christ. Everything we believe has been revealed in him or through him. But how much do we really know about Jesus? This first session will cover the basic things that the Catholic church teaches us about Jesus including some of the titles used to describe Jesus (and what they can teach us about him), his message and mission, and explore how Jesus is both fully God and fully human.

  • Scripture Basics | Speaker: Fr Stuart Moran (download notes)
    The Scriptures are the best way we have of learning about Jesus, his message and our faith. The second session will focus on the New testament and explain how the scriptures where “written”, what books make up the new testament and why, and what to look for when reading them to learn the most about Jesus and your faith.

  • The Eucharist: Source and Summit | Speaker: Fr Anthony McSweeney SSS
    If there is one thing that distinguishes Catholics from other Christians, it is our devotion to the sacrament of Eucharist. This session will enable you to understand why the Eucharist holds such an important place in Catholic life – and hopefully gain a greater appreciation for what happens every time you attend Mass.

  • Mission and Evangelisation | Speaker: Fr Chris Ryan MGL (download notes)
    Every Christian, by virtue of Baptism, is called to evangelise! That doesn’t mean you are being asked to stand at Flinders St station with a loud speaker to tell people about Jesus – but it does mean that you are a witness to your faith in your workplace, university, sports-team and even at the pub on a Friday night. This session will help you understand this mission and inspire you to share your faith life with others!

  • Christian Morality| Speaker: Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento, USA
    As followers of Christ, we do not abide by rules; rather, we are called to study the gospel message and Church teachings, allowing ourselves to be shaped by God’s word working through us. Bishop Jaime Soto, visiting from the Diocese of Sacramento (USA), talks to us about the importance of being grounded in God’s teachings in an increasingly secular society and how we as Catholic Christians can help to bring about a more compassionate and Christ-like response to challenges we encounter in our lives.

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