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CEM sponsorship for ACYF

CEM sponsorship for ACYF
Catholic Education Melbourne (CEM) announced earlier this year that they were committed to assisting Catholic Secondary students in attending the Melbourne Pilgrimage to the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Perth. Initially, sponsorship was offered to the 68 Catholic Secondary Schools within the Melbourne Archdiocese allowing up to 20 students and 2 teachers from each school to attend with a 50% subsidy for their pilgrimage registration cost. This subsidy is available to any student enrolled in a Catholic Secondary School within the Archdiocese of Melbourne, regardless of whether they are attending the Melbourne Pilgrimage with their school, another group or the Melbourne Collective Group (MCG). It is hoped that students who would like to attend the Melbourne Pilgrimage with their parish, community, or the Melbourne Collective Group, will take up this opportunity and receive support to attend. Catholic Education Melbourne acknowledges the importance of encouraging students in their life-long faith journey and supporting them to connect with groups that nourish their faith. 
The following details should be noted:
1. The CEM subsidies for the Melbourne Pilgrimage to ACYF are open to students from year 9 to 12 who are enrolled in a Catholic school.  
2. Students attending with a group other than their school will come under the duty of care of that group, not their school and will need to complete all the relevant parental consent and medical forms for their group.  
3. Students are required to attend all formation sessions with their pilgrimage group, and if required, any formation sessions run by their school. 
4. The CEM will allocate the funds against the student’s school for invoicing purposes.
5. There are a limited number of subsidies available and applications need to be received by 11 August.
6. Students who would like to apply for the subsidy need to complete the form below and will be notified within two weeks as to whether they are successful. 
7. When completing the below form, students will need to know the correct name of their preferred pilgrimage group, that is, the name that the group will be registered with Harvest as. 
To apply for the subsidy, visit
To find out more information, see the ACYF website: 

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