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Melbourne Catholic youth gather for the annual RISE festival

Melbourne Catholic youth gather for the annual RISE festival
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Catholic young people from across Melbourne gathered on Saturday for the annual RISE youth festival which was held at Panola College in Broadmeadows.
It was a day of fun, faith and music, tied together with the theme ‘Let there be Light’. The event was hosted by local MC, rapper and music producer Josh Angrisano (AKA J-Sano) who warmed up the 850-strong crowd with his rhythmic rap style.
‘You see in the scripture it says, God is light,’ he said to the crowd. ‘Jesus says I am the Light. Whoever walks with me will never walk with darkness but has the light of life.’
Taking the stage was local singer and songwriter Gen Bryant, backed by a band of Catholic musicians performing favourites such as ‘Open the Eyes of My Heart’, and Alyssa and George who recently reached top ten of the TCM (Today’s Christian Music) charts, who performed their debut track ‘Set Fire.’
Guest speaker Justine Cumbo kicked off the day's talks with equal doses of inspiration and humour, speaking about getting out of one's comfort zone.
‘I want you to know one of life’s greatest dangers is staying comfortable and it’s because nothing changes when everything is comfy, when you just do the same thing you’ve always done,’ she said.
During the morning session, Fr Dan Serratore hosted a fun Q&A with Archbishop Peter A Comensoli. It gave the audience an opportunity to learn more about the Archbishop, including his stance on footy in Melbourne.
‘There’s a difference between Sydney and Melbourne,’ Archbishop Peter joked. ‘In Sydney, people ask you what footy team you go for, in Melbourne they tell you which one to go for and in the next breath tell you what footy team not to go for.’ 
Other special guests and speakers for the day included Bishop Mark Edwards, Missionaries of God's Love Sister Sr Bernadette Toohey and singer-songwriter Gary Pinto.
Festivities for the day included a variety of workshops, stalls, games and opportunities to spend time with Jesus with the Rosary and Divine Mercy.
The evening concluded with a Vigil Mass and Adoration. 

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