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Celebrating 10 Years since World Youth Day Sydney 2008

WYD 10 year anniversary at St Luke’s Parish Wantirna

Saturday 23 June started with a Blessing by Father Joseph Amal outside, by the tree we planted with our Canadian and Venezualian pilgrims 10 years ago. We now have a plaque to commemorate this occasion.

We were fortunate to have 35 of our youth and billeting families attend the youth mass. Three of the youth sang and played guitar for this wonderful celebration. Our Liturgy was composed by Colleen Bolton , a past youth member of St Luke’s youth group, now married (after meeting her husband in our parish through the days in the diocese) they now have a baby boy 6 months old. We had 3 symbols placed on the alter, the Canadian flag, a backpack from days in the diocese and a news article . It was truly a moving and memorable occasion. Gerard Bolton made a power point which I have attached. We even found our original banners which were hand painted and stuck in the storage cupboard and made a lovely backdrop for the mass.

We celebrated in the Parish centre after mass where we had supper and as a surprise I linked up via skype and we had 6 of our Canadian pilgrims pray with us and we were able to have them listen in as we spoke about how much they inspired our young people to start a youth group. I spoke on the evening , “ After our pilgrims left and we waved them good bye a young 13 year old came up to me and said “ Amanda. We want what they’ve got, can we start a youth group please? “.So we did....and the rest is history. It was so moving to see the then 12 and 13 year olds now wonderful young adults, happy to be around each other again , talking deeply about their faith journey and the special connection they had because of WYD.

Our youth group continues to this day which is a wonderful asset to our Parish community.

Amanda Freeman

St Luke's Wantirna 



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