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Foundations 2014 - Young adults discover the hidden gem of Catholic Social Teaching

Over the last four weeks a group of young Catholics have been gathering each Monday night to learn and discuss the principles of “Catholic Social Teaching”. An initiative of the Archdiocesan Office for Youth in conjunction with the Office for Justice and Peace, the four week course was designed to provide basic formation on what the Church teaches and to challenge each participant to ask God how they are being called to respond.
Over the first three weeks, led by Mark Clarke, participants looked at the key principles including the dignity of the human person, the common good, subsidiarity, solidarity, politics, economics, work, participation, the universal destination of goods, the option for the poor and stewardship. In our final session four guest presenters gave testimonies on how they are trying to implement Catholic social teaching into their everyday lives. The speakers included a religious sister working passionately with asylum seekers, a speech pathologist who works with people with complex communication difficulties, a manager who coordinates six soup vans across Victoria, and a company director who runs a family business with about 30 employees. Through hearing the different stories, those present had a chance to see how the small decisions of individuals can make a difference to creating a more just society.

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