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CulturED Café with Leah Darrow

More than 150 young people gathered last Thursday to hear CulturED Café’s special guest Leah Darrow. Leah first became famous at 24 years of age when she participated in the reality TV Show, America’s Next Top Model. More than just a modelling competition, this show was also about the interaction between the 14 finalists as they battled it out for the title. Leah went on to work as a professional model in New York however in 2005 she had a conversion experienced which changed the direction of her life. Leah shared about her powerful testimony and the topics she is most passionate about – reclaiming love and reclaiming beauty. Leah said that both these beautiful gifts have been distorted and belittled by our culture and many have believed the lies. Beauty is more than just our physical appearance and the virtue of modesty is not just about covering up. Leah explained that beauty is about protecting the mystery of a person and includes how we speak and think – not just how we dress. She also said that real love is wanting what is best for the other – something our culture needs to be reminded of. When asked about how we can share these messages of modesty and chastity with our friends, Leah pointed to the importance of being a witness of these virtues ourselves. She also spoke about our current culture where many people are sharing too much of their personal life on social media and the importance of keeping private things private. Leah was keen to answer questions from the floor and graciously stayed back to speak to the interested young people. The AOY was particularly grateful to the Lazari Foundation for bringing Leah to Melbourne and allowing so many of our young people to hear her speak. 

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