About Panama & Mexico

Panama, in Central America, will be host to World Youth Day in 2019. This small isthmus has been a bridge for cultures and environment diversity across millennia. Around 4 million people call Panama home.
Panama City is a mix of ultra modern skyscrapers and colonial buildings, close to sandy beaches and tropical forests. The historic Spanish quarter, the Causeway, and the 4 kilometre boulevard Cinta Costera along the Gulf of Panama will all be host to World Youth Day events. The Panama Canal, an engineering marvel which has shaped the modern history of Panama, will also welcome World Youth Day pilgrims. For more info about Panama see HERE 
The Melbourne Pilgrimage to Word Youth Day will be visiting Mexico City on the way to Panama. Mexico is an ancient country just south of the US that is famous for the apparition of Our Lady of Guadeloupe, the patron of the whole of the Americas. The story of Guadeloupe has attracted pilgrims from all over the world and the national shrine receives 20 million tourists and pilgrims a year. Pilgrims will have a chance to visit the Shrine of our Lady of Guadeloupe as well as experiencing some of the Mexican culture and surrounding towns.