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Day 11: Stations of the Cross

Today was the last catechesis session - a few hiccups with the Bishop arriving but part of the adventure is often to go with the flow! Today's main event was in the evening, however I did manage to catch a little bit of French Mass - in the local shopping Mall. In a small country like Panama, a lot of the sites have been a little improvised!
We all headed down to the Stations of the Cross in the afternoon. Our hotel is really well located and it's an easy couple of kilometres to walk. Four lucky pilgrims were randomly selected to enter Zone 0. Zone 0 is much closer to the stage and only has special access. These pilgrims can see the stage and don't watch the giant screens! The rest of us settled onto the comfortable grass in the shade near a big screen and hung out for a few hours before it started. We also were quite close to some Broken Bay pilgrims so Archbishop Peter chatted to some old friends. The Stations of the Cross each focused on a different intention. These intentions were brought before different Marian representations from different countries in Central America and the Caribbean. 
After the stations, we all headed back. Tomorrow we have a BIG day ahead of us as we pilgrimage to the Final Mass site. It is about 15kms from our hotel so we are aiming to try and train part of the way to avoid the warm weather whilst walking. We are not likely to be able to blog tomorrow so stay tuned.
Special mention today needs to go to Fr Dishan. He is the priest chaplain with us and didn't make it to the Stations of the Cross as he listened to confessions for around six and a half hours in Forgiveness Park (which is pretty warm and sunny). He is quite amazing!

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