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Day Eight: World Youth Day Begins

What a day! The Melbourne pilgrims got a true taste of the madness and magic that IS WORLD YOUTH DAY! Today we kicked off with a 3.5km trek across the city to join our fellow Australian pilgrims to celebrate being Australian and the young heart of the church! Our very own Justine Cumbo was the MC and shared her beautiful testimony with all the pilgrims! From there we had little rest as we crossed back to the other side of the city to pilgrimage to the Opening Mass site.
Along the stunning Cinta Costera are all the events except the Vigil and Final Mass. We trained and trekked there nice and early to claim our Melbourne base! After setting up camp next to the Columbians, we met lots of different countries and played a game of guess that flag or two! The area filled up in no time and was packed by the time Mass kicked off at 5.30pm. The local Archbishop says the Opening Mass as the Pope does not arrive until tomorrow. The joy of hearing all the other languages and the colour and excitement of the event is exciting and the size of number of all the young Catholics gathering is certainly daunting!
We have several days of the flag waving and chanting to come - what a beautiful witness it is! 

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