St Christopher's Parish



Bible studies are an important part of the parish’s focus. Through interaction with God’s word and one another, it is our hope that the lives of the Bible study members will be profoundly changed. The purpose of a Bible study is not to simply learn information or to be a part of a Bible study group, but allow the Lord to transform our lives deeply. Specifically, we hope that participants, through Scripture, are drawn more intimately to our Lord in the sacraments and liturgy of the Church where they can most fully receive the gift of God’s grace in their lives. If people are going to be deeply transformed, they will need to develop intimate fellowship with people who will encourage them along the way, not only to help this transformation, but also to make sure they continue this transformation in the future. It is hoped that the participants are able to draw many more disciples by example.

Sessions run at least once a year, the duration of which varies. 2020 Session Book of James Pearls of Wise Living is now held on Saturday Mornings from 10.00am and repeated on Monday Evenings from 7.30pm.  Please refer to the calendar for session dates.
Contact: Gwen O’Brien