St Christopher's Parish


Prayer Ministries


The Queen of Apostles Charismatic prayer group meets every Wednesday at 8.00pm. It is a wonderful opportunity to experience the power of the Holy Spirit in a prayerful setting.

Contact: Rosa Bonnaddio 0447 111 270


The Intercessory Prayer Chain is available 24 hours a day. All requests and enquiries are confidential. NO advice or counselling is offered; only prayers for your intentions.

Contact: Flo McMahon 9803 1717


Mothers come together to pray for their children and grandchildren. During the meetings, they unite in prayer with one another and place the names of their children into a basket at the foot of the cross, offering them into Jesus’ care.

Day group: last Tuesday of the month at 2pm in the Presbytery.
Evening group: Friday evening (movable depending on members’ availability) at 8pm in the Presbytery.

Contact: Mary Tan (Day Group)
               Catherine Loo (Evening Group) 


Christian Meditation is a form of contemplative prayer. The focus is on a single word or short phrase (i.e. a mantra) which leads into a state of meditation, a prayer of the heart. This is a prayer of simplicity, silence and stillness. Whilst prayer and meditation is of course efficacious when practised individually, the experience is deeper and more profound when practised in a group.
Fr John Main OSB (a Benedictine) re-discovered this tradition and his successor, Fr Laurence Freeman OSB continued to promote the renewal of this contemplative tradition through the World Community for Christian Meditation. The group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm in the Presbytery.

Co-ordinator: John Gill 0423 577 676