St Christopher's Parish


Planned Giving

What is Planned Giving?  

It is a commitment to contribute a weekly or monthly amount to the parish.  This commitment is not a legally binding arrangement and can be withdrawn at any time.  The purpose of this commitment is so that the parish is assured of a consistent flow of income.  This will assist the parish in planning its finances.

Why is it important to join the Planned Giving Program?  

Just like a household or business, the Parish has many expenses to meet throughout the year.  The Planned Giving Program is therefore, essential as it allows the Parish to budget with some certainty that it can pay for expenses that fall due during the year. 

Is the Parish funded by the Archdiocese?

No.  The ongoing expenses for the parish run well over $130,000 a year and is increasing every year.  Nearly 90% of the expenses are met through the commitments from our current contributors to the Planned Giving Program.  As such, our reliance on the contributors cannot be overstated.  The balance of our expenses are met by ad hoc donations from parishioners and interest income.   When you join the Planned Giving Program it will count towards the 2nd collection.  

Is it just about the money?

Most definitely not.  As you may already know, the Parish with the help of  priests and the many volunteers provide many hours of work to organize and host different activities and programs, to evangelize and spread the Word of God.  Unfortunately, the reality is that money is always required to support these works.  Therefore your contribution is highly appreciated.

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Financial Brochure and Planned Giving Form - Download