Wall of Mercy

The Wall of Mercy was a special Parish project for the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy 2015 -2016.

Parishioners were invited to complete a plaque to honour someone who stood out in the given parishioner's own life, family & parish community as a 'Face of Mercy' and explain why they were chosen. The plaques were then mounted on the back wall of the Church for about twelve months, making up the parish "Wall of Mercy".

We give grateful thanks to all those who participated in this special parish project to mark the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy. We give thanks also for all those named and honoured here, whose lives and legacy continue to inspire acts of love and mercy in our world.

To find out more you can:

  • read through the Holy Spirit Parish Wall of Mercy booklet which contains the stories of those honoured
  • view the the plaques and read the associated stories using the links below or just click here to work through the Wall of Mercy in plaque sequence
  • use the links below to look up a plaque by number or the given or family name of those honoured.
Lookup by Plaque
Lookup by Given Name
Lookup by Family Name

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