Trivia Night

Trivia Night - 7th August 2015

Was it a good night? Was it fun? ... Absolutely!
It had been a long time since we'd had a Holy Spirit Social function. We were due and everyone wanted to be there. Ticket sales of 190 promised that it would be a pretty social event. As it turned it we had another 26 walk ups making for 216 people on the night including our much loved Father Mogg. (Father forced a revised adjudication on biblical questions. Our quiz master, Joe Konynenburg, had the good sense to concede that one, but did not again to anyone else).
But maybe it was a bit too social? Joe had to work pretty hard to keep up focused. It was like being in a big class room really.

You know, I'd never seen a leopard print shirt before. Full marks for bravery Joe.
Joe tested us with all manner of questions, almost none of which were worth knowing the answer to, though I suspect my wife hopes I remember that a flawless diamond is known as a paragon.
As well as the trivia, there was the question of luck and we competed to see the last person standing in a heads and tails competition.
First there was 216
... then probably about a hundred, then about 50, then perhaps 25, ...
then 7, ...
... then 4, and then finally our one winner, Peter Bey. 
Peter probably got it right about 7 times straight! Good going Peter.

Anyway back to things trivial, here is the group of people in our parish who hold the most knowledge amongst them about the things least important.
They go by the name of "Lazarus Rising". They actually won in a final play-off amongst three of the teams that finished first on equal points at the end of the night out of the 23 who competed. Any group that correctly can spell the names of all five member of the boy band One Direction clearly deserved the winner's prize. For most of the rest of us there was solace in knowing the teachers table didn't take it out as they so often do at these events.
 The Winning team - Lazarus Rising

Then there was the food. The PPC were clever enough to keep costs and work down and invited everyone to bring a plate to share. This was a great success because each couple bought enough food to feed all the people on their table, at least that's how things worked out on the "Choir Mistresses' Plus" table. Next year we need to consider getting bigger tables.

The silent auction running in the background also did well. In fact it did so well that the complete Bay Watch Series (79 DVDs) broke all records and was actually sold and Martin Collins is now the proud owner of two boxes of chocolate covered peanut butter "things". (Martin says he didn't bid for them but I think he's just a bit shy about his dietary preferences.)

And amongst all that happiness the PPC managed to extract around $8,000 from our wallets which will go to the maintenance of the Community Hall/Church, a facility we all use. And we didn't even feel it. We must have been having too much fun. Good job guys and thanks.
Team Results Here's what we signed up too.
IMG_0714.JPG  IMG_0719.JPG  IMG_0721.JPG  IMG_0723.JPG  IMG_0724.JPG  IMG_0729.JPG 

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