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Holy Spirit Fete 2015 continued a strong run of successes for Church/School Community and it's amazing Fete Commitee.

There were lots of congratulations, pride and relief when it was all over, but most would agree that Yvette Collin's summary and thank you message that she gave us at Mass the next day was the best. She was kind enough to share it with us here.

Thanks Yvette.

Giving thanks for Holy Spirit Fete 2015 - Yvette Collins
So much preparation goes into the fete, and yet it is over so quickly.

The day after the fete, “Fete Boxing Day”, we may well be tired and sore, but gee, we all had a great time, and achieved a great deal – around $70K raised and more importantly over 10,000 people visited our place and felt welcomed.

I thank each and every one for you for your great efforts and contributions on the day.

More importantly, I thank God for letting His Spirit rest upon us and blessing us so richly:
  • by bringing us all together and giving us the opportunity to meet each other’s family, friends and neighbours.
  • with smiles and hugs as we reunite with old friends.
  • with a beautiful country where we can safely and peacefully enjoy such a gathering.
  • with the joy of bringing home happy, exhausted children, with a trove of “treasures” who have spent their day well.
  • with the people who have been here since the beginning and those who experienced the Holy Spirit Community fete for the first time - be it because they have recently moved to the community or be it because they are but babes in arms.
  • with amazing grandparents – especially those who are not parishioners – who work so hard, for their grandchildren and continue so beautifully to parent us, their own children.

Personally, I feel so blessed to be just a little part of a big day and a big family. I cherish the time together and most especially, all my companions on the journey.

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See you all again in October 2016!

"Fete eve" and some the helpers who assembled the fete the day prior getting some lunch

2015 Fete billboard showing our major sponsors

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