Advent: Week 2, Love

Advent is a four week season of preparation for the coming of Christ at Christmas and it always has a theme of looking towards the future coming of Christ at the end times. One of the prayers of the early Church which is linked with the season of waiting and longing, was the Aramaic word 'MARANATHA', which means 'Come Lord'. Use this prayer often this week as one way to begin preparation for Christmas.

Advent Theme: God shows his mercy through the face of Jesus We need to be the face of Jesus in the world today. During this  Advent season we are waiting "for all the individuals and nations on earth to grow into the kind of relationship with each other that will encourage mutual help instead of competition and conflict. Then the Kingdom of God will be established!".

Advent and the wreath meaning:

Church Foyer

Lighting of the candles

Week 2 - Love

Prayer at the lighting of the second candle

God of our waiting,
We light this candle to remind us that John the Baptist calls us to prepare for the coming of Jesus.
We pray that you may deepen our compassion so that our hearts will be open to serve you in all peoples.

Stay awake, you must be ready
Matthew 24:37-44

What does the word repent mean for us?
How can we change our lives?

Week 2 Theme: Let our Church be Jesus Christ's visible face to bring love in the world today

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