Need-to-know Facilitation Skills

The Plenary Council’s first stage of preparation is the "Listening and Dialogue" phase, which goes from now until Ash Wednesday 2019. During this time, people will have the chance to get together a group of friends, family, fellow parishioners or colleagues and share their experiences of faith, life and the Church. Key to these conversations is the role of the Facilitator, who guides the process and ensures everyone has their say.

Rhyannon Elliott is the Acting Manager, Marriage & Relationship Education Unit at CatholicCare Melbourne. In the video below, she discusses some important aspects of the Facilitator's role -- offering tips that will help encourage open, honest sharing. Rhyannon stresses that the Facilitator's role includes three things:
  1. Engaging the group 
  2. Managing the group
  3. Knowing how to close the group.