About Us

Natural Fertility Services, Melbourne is one of 13 nation-wide, affiliated members  of the Australian Council of Natural Family Planning Inc. (A.C.N.F.P.)

We offer natural effective fertility management Methods for couples to plan their family. We are approved and partly funded by The Catholic Bishops of Australia to educate the general public in Fertility & Sexuality Awareness.

ACNFP Inc is the leading authority in Australia for

  • the Symptothermal Method
  • the Lactational Amenorrhoea Method

which is taught here at Natural Fertility Services, Melbourne, as an ACNFP centre. These Methods are based on couples using their natural states of fertility/infertility to avoid or to achieve a pregnancy, throughout the varied times in a woman’s reproductive life.

Policies and Standards

Natural Fertility Services Melbourne’s Policies and Standards reflect the principles of both adult education and pastoral care. These principles are grounded in Catholic Church doctrine, the findings of medical research and evaluation and social sciences, and respect for the clients’ rights to make their own decisions.

Values Statement

Natural family planning education will be provided within the framework and context of Christian principals and values. Natural Family Services, Melbourne respect the rights of each client:

  • to be recognised as a person of worth
  • to be respected as an individual
  • to express feelings
  • to receive an empathetic response
  • to be treated in a non-judgmental way
  • to have access to knowledge that is accurate and scientifically sound
  • to freely make their own informed decisions
  • to know that confidential matters will not be disclosed without the person’s written permission

About Us