Quo Vadis?

Where am I going Lord?
Are you wondering about God's Will for your life? Or do you know someone who is? Then you may benefit from attending a Quo Vadis? reflection night.

Quo Vadis? is an opportunity to experience prayer and fellowship with others who are discerning the Vocation that God may be calling them to.

The term "quo vadis?" is Latin for "where are you going?" It refers to the encounter between St Peter and Jesus Christ on the Appian Way.

Peter, fleeing from the persecutions of the Emperor Nero, had a vision of Christ whom he asked "Domine, quo vadis?" (Lord, where are you going?) Jesus answered him, "Where I am going, you cannot follow me now; but you will follow afterward." (John 13:36). Peter understood this to mean that Jesus was going back to Rome to be crucified again. Peter, following his own fate, returned to Rome and was crucified at the foot of the Vatican Hills where St Peter's Basilica stands today.

First Friday of the month at 6.30pm

Evening includes Adoration, an opportunity for Confession, Mass, discussion and a shared meal.

Contact the Vocations Office on 9926 5733
Or email vocations@cam.org.au for more details and to register.