Hearing the Call.
What did the call feel like?
Diocesan Vs Religious?
What helped you discern?
Who Inspired you?
Spiritual Direction.
Tips for Discernment.
Your families response.
Seminary and discernment.
Seven years of Study.
How old were you?
Hardest part of seminary.
Approaching Ordination.
100% Surety.
The promise of Obedience.
Ordination day.
What about celibacy?
Simplicity of Life.
Celebrating First Mass.
Importance of Prayer.
Finding time to Pray.
Daily life of a priest.
How do you relax?
Priests own Family.
Challenges of Priesthood.
Surprises of Priesthood?
Seminary Life.
Surprises of Seminary?
Friendships in Seminary.
Advice before Seminary.
Relationship with Christ.
The Mass
Role of Mary.
Dryness in prayer ?
Call to be Saints.
Is it Rewarding?
Grace at Work