The future of the Church’s mission in Australia is strongly linked with the presence of immigrants. It is important that efforts be made to:

  • dispel attitudes, stereotypes and prejudices which are harmful to individuals and to the community as a whole; and
  • present a vision of our Church community where linguistic, cultural, ethnic and racial differences are seen as an enrichment of the Church and beneficial to the life of its members and of the whole community.

Ethnic chaplains are entrusted to carry out, on behalf of the local Church, the special pastoral challenge of ministering to ethnic communities in their own language and culture.

As migrants themselves, they need to familiarize themselves with the history, traditions and pastoral approach of the local Church; and to learn the local language so as to communicate effectively with the local Church and its clergy.

Ethnic chaplains are builders of bridges between their communities and the local parishes.

They meet regularly for mutual support and to deal with issues of concern. They also take part in various diocesan meetings to demonstrate that their ministry is an integral part of the local Church.

The Directory below was developed to assist parish priests and pastoral workers to avail themselves of the unique qualities and skills the ethnic chaplains can bring to the pastoral care of immigrants in parishes throughout the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne.

This Directory also includes the Eastern Catholic churches – Maronite, Melkite and Ukrainian – under their own bishops. These churches are also an integral part of the local Church bringing a rich cultural and spiritual tradition that highlights the diversity of the local Church as part of the Universal Church.

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The Ethnic Chaplains at the Migrant Chaplain's Senate Zone Meeting, 2 December 2003
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