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Building a Stronger Marriage

Happy marriages don’t happen by accident. Couples who have a strong relationship aren’t immune from times of struggles and conflict. What makes the difference is how they lovingly persevere through those times.

Continually devoting time and effort to building their mutual care and love for one another is important. This means being deliberate about setting aside time to share your thoughts, concerns and feelings. Making sacrifices for one another and demonstrating trust amid the day to day routine of life will prove invaluable when bigger hurdles arise.

For some great ideas on what couples can do to maintain the health of their relationship, the website For Your Marriage as some great examples of simple ways to do just this.

Periodically spending time together to nurture or rediscover your love for one another is also essential. It can be helpful on occasions to have the support of other married people experienced in helping to make the most of these occasions.

The organisations listed below serve to help couples striving to strengthen the bonds of love and devotion which they promised maintain “all the days of their life”.

Emmanuel Community - Love & Truth
Steve & Annie Lawrence
Ph: (03) 9833 4454

Teams - Christian Movement of Married Couples
Peter & Jan Ralton
Ph: (03) 9817 5310

Worldwide Marriage Encounter
Marianne & Marcel Van den Bronk
Ph: (03) 9733 0997

Celebrate Love - Marriage Enrichment Program
Francine & Byron Pirola
Ph: (02) 9662 7272

For more information on various retreats and events offered for married couples, please contact our office.


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