Book: "Centenary of Saint Mary Magdalen Parish Trentham 1905 - 2005"

Recently, in 2005, our Parish Community celebrated our Centenary in which we paused to reflect on the contribution of those goon before us, taken stock of our role as the Catholic community of the present, and prayed for a renewed parish spirit to guide us into the future.
As we begin our second century, we find ourselves partnered with Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, Kyneton as we share our spiritual journey.

This marvelous book, edited bt Vi Ramsdale, celebrates the history our Parish and the contribution of the many people who have shaped our community.

edited by Vi Ramsdale

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Centenary of Saint Mary Magdalen Parish Trentham 1905 - 2005

2005 celebrated the centenary of The Parish of Saint Mary Magdalen, Trentham. It is made up of the surrounding villages of Barry's Reef, Blackwood, East Trentham , Fern Hill, Little Hampton, Lyonville, Newbury, North Blackwood, Spring Hill, Trentham, Tylden, which constitutes this very unique Catholic Parish constellation.

For over a hundred years catholic christians have emerged from these villages and throughout this district to proclaim in word and deed their fidelity to the person of Jesus the Chirst, Son of God and Son of Mary.

The Patroness of this catholic community, Saint Mary Magdalen, is the first herald of Easter Joy according to the Gospel. Her experience and example has been, is and will always be, that which flavours the lives of the pilgrims that belong here.

In the Church and Chapter Room there is a statue and pictorial representations of the faith journey which Mary of Magdala endured in order to become the prototype of Easter Joy; at the foot of the cross - Good Friday, on her way to the tomb - Holy Saturday and encountering the Risen Jesus - Easter Sunday. Her journey of faith is the journey we are all called to walk as pilgrims - no pain ~ no gain; there can be no resurrection without the cross; Easter Sunday always follows Good Friday.

And so this book is to give you, the reader, a glimpse of the journey of faith the Parishioners of Trentham have had over the past hundred years. A journey filled with 'from death to life' experiences that have been transformed by the Holy Spirit in order to proclaim again and again in a myriad of variations, the life, death and resurrection of our Saviour and Lord, Jesus the Christ.

It is NOW our duty and our salvation always and everywhere to deliver faithfully as contemporary stewards of the Gospel, the message of resurrection to our brothers and sisters awaiting the proclamation.

Saint Mary's Mission

"Ad Jesum per Mariam" 

"To Jesus through Mary"

The Mission of Saint Mary still exists though not in its original form. Today a number of Parishes occupy that same territory and the Parishes of Saint Mary Magdalen's, Trentham and Our Lady of the Rosary, Kyneton consists of thirty four villages that were part of the Mission.

The work, apostolate and ministries of the Mission continue because the Kingdom is already built but not yet. Parishioners and people of good will are still committed to the dream of the Mission that is to tell the story of Jesus the Christ in word and deed.

We are proud inheritors of a long tradition for us in Australia, of Catholic people's fidelity to the faith of over one hundred and fifty years. Those who have gone before us would no doubt be proud of us for our ongoing commitment to the faith today. We hope we can continue to live out our faith as we come full circle with how the Mission began and developed with only one Priest and so many faith-filled people.
 Storytelling is an art and is refined by the 'telling' of stories'. The one hundred and fifty years of telling the story has no doubt taken its toll on our collective energies, yet we are still here doing what many of our forebears did before us and, hopefully, many will do after us. All our efforts to bring about the Kingdom have borne many fruits and may those fruits encourage us to move forward in hope.

The Risen Jesus is our focus; He is the main character of the story. Through, with and in Him we come to realise our worth in the eyes of God both personally and collectively. Our best ally is His mother, Mary. She is also our patroness. Mary accompanies us with her eternal energies. As our patroness we are blessed to have Mary walk the journey of faith with us as we seek to do as she did so long ago; bringing to birth in our hearts and in our communities, the tangible presence of Jesus the Christ.
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