A social justice question to Year 10-12 students:
Is there a social justice issue in your community that needs your school’s attention? By entering the Rerum Novarum Awards you could win your school $10,000 to fund a project that addresses a social justice issue in your community.

What to do – You will need to work as a group with a supervising staff member and use the See, Judge, Act method to apply the principles of Catholic Social Teaching to a social justice issue in your community. You must refer to the current Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference Social Justice Statement and to previous Social Justice Statements, where relevant to your project. Entries must include:

1) a research paper,
2) video presentation,
3) project impact report, and
4) a funding proposal.

The Awards - Gold: $10,000. Silver: $5,000. Bronze: $2,500. Successful schools will be required to give an account for funds received from the Rerum Novarum Foundation. If there is no clear Silver place, the Silver award will be split in half so that there will be three Bronze awards of $2,500 instead of one Silver award and one Bronze award.

Who may enter – Projects are to be led by a group of senior students in year 10, 11 or 12 in 2020 with the support and guidance of a school staff member. The school may decide how this will be done. Each entry must be endorsed by the Principal or their delegate with a limit of one entry per school. Expressions of interest close Friday 19 June 2020. Expressions of interest or questions may be emailed to: rerumnovarumawards@cem.edu.au

Conditions – All written material must be fully referenced and free of plagiarism. All images including photos, art, and video must be copyright free. Projects that include images of minors must be accompanied by a signed consent form. By submitting a project, you agree to allow the Rerum Novarum Awards to use that material to further promote the Rerum Novarum Awards. Award recipients will report and be accountable for the use of funds.

Full details and conditions are in the Rerum Novarum Awards Pack.

The Archdiocese is committed to the safety, wellbeing and dignity of all children and vulnerable adults.