Today, hundreds of millions of Christians and people of other faiths are being persecuted simply because they peacefully profess a religious belief. Between Wednesday 20 to Wednesday 27 November, you are asked to join the rest of the world as we stand up for our persecuted brothers and sisters.
Please find below ideas and resources to help your parish, school or organisation be a #RedWednesday Champion and raise awareness for this urgent issue that affects us all. You don't have to do every activity but choose one or two that you can do. These activities may held on any day between 20 and 27 November. Please tell us if you are holding an event and send us photos or videos to


Light Red

Floodlight your church, school or other prominent buildings, or significant monuments (eg. patronal statues) in red. If you are not able to light a building, use red candles or lights during your gatherings to mark Red Wednesday. Be creative!
If you're not able to do so, you can decorate in red. For example; one school decorated their buildings and fences with red bunting and flowers and another school decorated their a statue of a saint in red cloth.
St. Patrick's Cathedral will be floodlit in red between Wednesday 20 November and Wednesday 27 November.

Wear Red

Wear red to school for one day during Red Wednesday week or wear red to your particular local Red Wednesday event in your parish or community. 
You may hold a 'Wear Red' morning tea to discuss religious persecution or hold a fundraiser for Aid to the Church in Need


Pray Red

Hold a prayer vigil in your school or parish. Dedicate a your parish's usual Holy Hour or Rosary to praying for our persecuted brothers or sisters. Offer a Mass or include special prayers of the faithful in your Sunday Mass.
Find Prayer resources including for Holy Hour, Prayer gatherings and Prayers of the Faithful (Bidding Prayers) on the Aid to the Church in Need's UK website: HERE

Give a Red Card to Religious Persecution

Sports players are given a red card for unacceptable behaviour. Let's give religious persecution the red card. This is a simple way to mark Red Wednesday and begin a conversation in your local community about religious persecution.
Take a group photo holding up red cards to help raise awareness. Send your photo to
Distribute these red cards after Mass, or in the classroom.
Download red cards: HERE
(Use the second page as a guide to cut out your cards)



Find more information about religious persecution around the world today, including Aid to the Church in Need's Religious Freedom Report 2018 and Persecuted and Forgotten 2019 report on
Powerpoint for schools: HERE
with accompanying Lesson plan: HERE
Use the hashtag #RedWednesday on social media! 


In and around the Cathedral, there will be events between 20 and 27 November to mark Red Wednesday and pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters and ask God to grant peace.
Find a list of Archdiocesan and Cathedral Red Wednesday events: HERE

If your parish, school or organisation is becoming #RedWednesday Champion and hosting a local event, then please notify us and send your photos to
How schools marked Red Wednesday in 2018:
How the world marked Red Wednesday in 2018:

The Archdiocese is committed to the safety, wellbeing and dignity of all children and vulnerable adults.