Wall of Mercy Plaques: 17-42

Ellen Catherine English (1898 - 1987)

Plaque 17

Ellen Catherine English
(1898 - 1987)

I chose my mother because she was gentle, generous, consistently hardworking with James, gave their 3 children Catholic education unlike her education (Catholic) relinquished in favour of siblings.

Possibly ahead of her time, in believing she shouldn’t have to remain a worker for her birth family.She ran farms (dairy) rising at 4 am, seven days, plus shops.Fasting, 18 hours before Holy Communion, Sundays.

by: Annette Heskett

Aunty Maggie

Plaque 18

Aunty Maggie

I chose Aunty Maggie because of her generous works of love and kindness in caring for us siblings as we were growing up.Always giving of herself in meeting our needs, without question, without complaint.In spite of the darkness, her light shone through her acts of love and mercy.

by: Ingrid Jansz

Wendy Venables

Plaque 20

Wendy Venables

I chose Wendy because she inspired me with her compassionate and caring nature towards all people regardless of colour or creed.My friendship with Wendy started 15 years ago with our mutual love of craft.Staunch in her religious beliefs as a “Salvationist” and caring for people with disabilities for many years.I am grateful that Wendy is still my patchwork friend to this day.

by: Margaret Anderson

Kath Youlten

Plaque 23

Kath Youlten

I chose Kath Youlten because for the past 35 years Kath has volunteered her time as a committee member for Trefoil Guiding Group and Thornbirds Ladies Group. Kath is a wonderful example of living a merciful life through the tireless hours she has spent on these committees fundraising for charity. Kath and her friends have supported well over 50 different charities showing much kindness compassion and love.

by: TBA

Sister Rowena (The Little Nun)

Plaque 27

Sister Rowena
(The Little Nun)

Sister Rowena serves in a nursing home in New South Wales where my grandmother was a resident until she passed away in May. Sister Rowena was with us throughout my grandmother’s last days.We dubbed her the little nun, due to her small stature, but as we got to know her, we thought of her as "little" also due to her great humbleness.

One particular memory will stay with me forever.As we sat together by Nonna's side, she said to me "Aren't they amazing" talking about the dementia residents we could see out the window.I quickly quelled my immediate reaction to dispute her, as I considered their lack of mental capacity.I found myself actually "seeing" these people, seeing them the way Sister Rowena did, as Jesus in the flesh."Yes, they are amazing" I replied to her.It was one of those remarkable moments when God's presence is palpable.

The little nun, has an amazing way of seeing Jesus and showing mercy the way he did, in her care, both of the residents and of the families who's loved ones are at the end of their lives.

by: Yvette Collins

Anna Massarotti

Plaque 29

Anna Massarotti

I chose Anna because she inspired us all be to humble and merciful to everyone.She brought out the best in people fortunate to come into contact with her.She found a reason to make you smile when you were down.Anna never had a bad word to say about anyone.She graciously shared her love with everyone.

by: Tony and Fiona Massarotti and family

Kath Hamill

Plaque 32

Kath Hamill

I chose Nana Kath because she is very kind.My Nana is honest and helpful to me and my family.My Nana often looks after us, she cooks for us and is very helpful in the community. My Nana is a good Christian and sets a good example.

by: Jackson Habib

Jacinta Rose Deed

Plaque 34

Jacinta Rose Deed

I chose Jacinta because she is kind, loving, and friendly and she always tries cheering people up.She loves everyone she meets including me.Jacinta shows mercy and grace wherever she goes.

by: Madison Bell

Angelo Troiani

Plaque 35

Angelo Troiani

I chose Angelo because he was my kind and fun-loving Nonno, who had great faith in God.He went to church every Sunday and sang in the church choir.Angelo was very generous with his time and always helped others, especially in the garden.Sadly Angelo passed away in 2011, but we still love him.

by: Ethan Troiani

James Barden

Plaque 38

James Barden

I chose James because he does lots of jobs at SPJ but he shows mercy by supporting the whole SPJ community.He drives people to appointments, shops and even the airport.He does jobs at people’s homes and spends time with people who need someone to talk to.Some people are new to Australia and he helps them too.

by: Teagan Barden

Marita North-Coombes

Plaque 39

Marita North-Coombes

I chose my Nan because she shows mercy by putting other people’s needs before her own.She helps the elderly in their daily life.She also dedicates her time to her family, especially her 12 grandchildren.She is a very kind, compassionate and loving person and we are very thankful for her.

by: Chloe North-Coombes

Margaret Glumac

Plaque 42

Margaret Glumac

I chose Margaret because she is a beautiful person who shows mercy in all aspects of her life.At home she has taken in family who have needed support and assistance with no hesitation.At work she eases people’s lives by giving comforts such as kindness, a smile, a laugh and reassurance to the patients and their families.

by: Sharlotte Brown

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