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Confirmation 2019 spread over all our communities

Sunday Nov 10, 2019, saw our young people come before our Bishop Mark Edwards to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

The Sacrament was celebrated in both St Therese Church and Nazareth Church and in both cases, the ceremony was a most prayerful one.
Bishop Mark always likes to greet the candidates and their sponsors prior to the beginning of the Eucharist. At Grovedale, he met with them in the multipurpose room of the school and at Torquay he invited them outside the front of the church.  He knows that it is often a tense time as people are not always sure what is expected of them and he likes to put them at ease so they can both enjoy the day as well as understand the importance of the sacrament.
At Torquay this year we had a group of students giving a visual interpretation of a hymn invoking the Holy Spirit, led us into the celebration of the Eucharistic and the Sacrament itself. 
Looking at the photos it is intriguing and challenging, to be aware of just how the power of the Holy Spirit exhibits itself in the intensity of listening as various candidates proclaimed the scriptures, and as Bishop Mark spoke not only to the candidates but also to parents and the general assembly.  Look carefully at the photos of the candidates as they came forward to be confirmed - how strong is the eye contact of each as they kneel before the Bishop!

2019-11-10 12.36.47.jpg  2019-11-10 12.39.24.jpg  2019-11-10 12.50.24.jpg  74171301_1198670843853861_5156117627646509056_o.jpg  74701587_1198671340520478_5402215602985107456_o.jpg  2019-11-10 12.59.55.jpg  2019-11-10 13.04.51.jpg  75289029_1198670653853880_7775195505155375104_o.jpg  75446477_1198666860520926_7820401921436418048_o.jpg  2019-11-10 13.13.09.jpg  2019-11-10 13.23.06.jpg  2019-11-10 13.32.45.jpg  74226637_1198671657187113_5867820736822902784_o.jpg  74673196_1198667950520817_5970953815111761920_o.jpg  74471719_1198668423854103_4885608462651752448_o.jpg  74281700_1198668230520789_4551587546076807168_o.jpg