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A Profound Theology must be made of Woman

Pope Francis said, “Mary Was More Important than the Apostles, than Bishops, Deacons and Priests.
  • The role of women in the Church is not only maternity, the mother of the family, but it’s stronger: it is, in fact, the icon of the Virgin, of Our Lady, the one who helps the Church grow!
  • But think that Our Lady is more important than the Apostles! She is more important!
  • A woman’s role in the Church must not end only as mother, as worker, limited. No! It’s something else!
  • A profound theology must be made of woman. This is what I think.”
  • In the Church, woman is more important than bishops and priests; how, it’s what we must seek to make more explicit, because theological explicitness about this is lacking. 
It is not very often that we have heard such thinking about women in our church.  How do these words of Pope Francis affect us as women of the church?What are your thoughts on the role of women in our church?  What would you like to see change in the way women influence the church?

The Language of Liturgy

We have been using the Third edition of the Roman Missal for several years now and we are getting used to the language...or are we? Are there still prayers that jar our ears?  Do we sometimes find ourselves thinking "what does that mean"?  Would we engage more with the Liturgy if the language was more adaptable?
On Sept 9 this year Pope Francis issued a Moto Proprio titled "Magnum Principium" which refers to the translation of liturgical texts. In doing so Pope Francis took steps towards realising his calls for 'healthy decentralisation' - at least when it comes to the  translation of texts for use in worship.  The net effect of the amendements that he has made is to shift a considerable share of the power away from the Vatican to local Bishops conferences. From here on, Pope Francis has decreed that the major responsiblity for those texts will lie with bishops conferences, with Rome only offering confirmatio at the end.
For those wanting to read more, Rita Ferrone gives a clearer understanding here
If you could speak with the Plenary Executive team about liturgy, what would you ask to be considered?  

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