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2020 - How Will The Council Be Run

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has established a Bishops Commission for the Plenary Council which is composed of the following bishops:
      • Archbishop Mark Coleridge,
      • Archbishop Philip Wilson,
      • Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB,
      • Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFMConv
      • Bishop Michael Kennedy.

The Bishops Commission for the Plenary Council has announced the names of those who have accepted appointment to the Plenary Council Executive Committee. Their appointment followed an extensive confidential process of consultation across the Australian Church to ensure diversity. Together they bring a variety of gifts, competencies and experience to the work of the Executive Committee. The Committee will work closely with the Bishops Commission to ensure the successful preparation, celebration and implementation of the Plenary Council 2020.  The Executive Committee membership with their home diocese is as follows:
      • Mr Daniel Ang – Broken Bay
      • Mr Shayne Bennett – Brisbane
      • Br Ian Cribb SJ – Broken Bay
      • Dr Gemma Cruz – Melbourne
      • Sr Moya Hanlen FDNSC – Sydney
      • Ms Sally Hood – Brisbane
      • Mr John Lochowiak – Adelaide
      • Dr Brigid McKenna – Hobart
      • Ms Sarah Moffatt – Adelaide
      • Sr Grace Roclawska CSFN – Parramatta
      • Rev Dr Ormond Rush – Townsville
      • Dr Debra Sayce – Perth
      • Mrs Theresa Simon – Sydney (Maronite Church)
      • Dr Nigel Zimmerman – Parramatta
The Bishops Commission for the Plenary Council announced the appointment of Ms Lana Turvey-Collins as the Plenary Council Facilitator. She will work in partnership with members of the Formation Team of Catholic Mission, forming a Plenary Council Facilitation Team together with
      • Fr Noel Connolly SSC
      • Mr Peter Gates, Deputy National Director of Catholic Mission.
Ms Turvey-Collins has a wealth of experience in senior leadership, strategic planning, facilitation and stakeholder engagement. She has been    seconded from Catholic Mission, where she has been leading the mission formation team and adult formation program. She brings to this role a  passion for God’s mission and believes there is great strength and wisdom in the diversity of the Australian Catholic community. The Bishops Commission welcomes Lana Turvey-Collins to this new role and asks that you pray for her, the Facilitation Team and the Executive Committee as preparation for the Plenary Council 2020 gathers pace.
While the setting up of these necessary structures has taken some time we expect, in the near future, details of the processes of consultation and their timeing. 
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