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How Do I Become Catholic?

The 4th Stage is that of post-baptismal catechesis or Mystagogy. The word 'mystagogy' comes from the Greek words meaning “to lead through the mysteries.” In the context of faith, a mystery is not something we solve — it is something we enter into with God in a sense of wonder, respect and awe. We accept the mysteries of our faith even though we may not fully understand them.
Traditionally mystagogy for the neophytes (from the Greek meaning 'the newly planted') extends throughout the Easter season, until the feast of Pentecost. It is however the work of all the baptised throughout their lives.   For new Catholics it is a period of accompaniment  as you discover what it means to fully participate in the sacramental mysteries of the Church. Even though your catechetical preparation has been completed, you still have much to learn about what it means to live as Catholic Christians.  
Mystagogy is both a process of looking backwards and looking forwards. It is a process of reflecting upon something that has happened, and considering just how that event is going to influence and affect how we live. It allows us to share your reflections on the mysteries you have recently celebrated at the Easter Vigil. Together we deepen our knowledge of how the Sacraments of Initiation affect our daily lives.
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