Nazareth Catholic Parish

Grovedale, Torquay and Anglesea


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How Do I Become Catholic?

Out of that curiosity comes an openness to the Church, an openness to learning more, an openness to the call of God, even if one is not yet sure about what that call entails. This 2nd stage is called the Catechumenate  and begins with a public commitment in the Rite of Acceptance when the individual will be signed with the Cross of Christ.

The Catechumenate involves a period of growing in knowledge of the scriptures, when the Sunday Gospel readings become the focus of formation. During this time you are called into the prayer life and the community life of the parish. Our people will gently lead you into greater understanding of the scriptures and will encourage you to keep asking questions - in many cases your questions will open them up to a deeper understanding of their own faith. This is a time of friendship and exploration.
The Catechumenate  period provides time for you to be nurtured and to grow in your faith, allowing God to do His work of conversion within you.
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