Scripture Study

St Mary’s has three Scripture Study groups, meeting at various times of the week: Tuesday mornings, Wednesday evenings and Friday afternoons. Currently, the Friday afternoon group is full. We use the resource created by the Little Rock Scripture Study (LRSS). Little Rock Scripture Study is designed to bring people to a greater understanding of the Bible, an awareness of God’s living presence in Sacred Scripture, and an appreciation of how the Bible can be applied to daily life. 

The exegetical basis of Little Rock Scripture Study is that which is found in Dei Verbum. Leaders and participants receive direction in the Roman Catholic Church’s approach to biblical understanding and interpretation. The use of acceptable translations of the Bible, along with footnotes and cross-references, Catholic commentaries, and wrap-up lectures by qualified speakers, helps to make this a uniquely Catholic experience.
With emphasis on small group prayer and faith-sharing, LRSS is not only informational but formational as well. Ultimately, LRSS encourages a way of life that can lead to real and lifelong conversion.
  • If you are interested in scripture study, please contact us via the Parish Office on 9435 1543