Prayer and Devotion

Contemplative Prayer Group

Contemplative Prayer is a long, loving look at the real. The world needs us, as people of faith, to become contemplatives, that is to be fully present to the other – person or thing, without agenda, just fully engaged in the wonder of that which we see. Many people have an experience of this watching the sun set, or a new born baby. We are in the moment. As we become more and more contemplative we are transformed so that we bring to the world peace and joy, patience and wisdom. In this contemplative prayer group, we engage with Scripture, allowing ourselves to be fully present, in the silence, to what God might be saying to the one praying. Scripture speaks into our lives if we can be still enough to listen to what God is wanting each of us to know.

The Contemplative Prayer Group meets at 8.00am each Friday, in the front room of the Parish House. We conclude the time of prayer at about 8.50am. All are welcome to join the group and if you are new to this kind of prayer, we will help you to become at ease.
  • For more information contact the Parish Office on 9435 1543.


You may be interested to watch this video clip of Richard Rohr. The title of his talk is 'What is Contemplative Prayer and why is it so needed'.




Adoration Group

'Moreover, I want to encourage everyone to visit – if possible, every day – especially amid life’s difficulties, the Blessed Sacrament of the infinite love of Christ and His mercy, preserved in our churches, and often abandoned, to speak filially with Him, to listen to Him in silence, and to peacefully entrust yourself to Him.' (Pope Francis) 
The Adoration Group at St Mary’s Greensborough offers the opportunity for fostering a love of the Eucharist, which our Catholic faith upholds is the "the perfection of the spiritual life and the end to which all the sacraments tend." We believe that, 'In the most blessed sacrament of the Eucharist the body and blood, together with the soul and divinity, of our Lord Jesus Christ is truly, really and substantially contained.' (Catechism of the Catholic Church, §1374)
Exposition of Blessed Sacrament occurs at St Mary’s on the first Friday of every month, after 9:15am Mass until 4pm, either in the library (in the gathering space) or inside the church. Children’s Adoration is a special time for children and their parents occurring every first Friday of the month from 3:30pm to 4pm, consisting of short informal prayer, the opportunity for children to write their petitions if they wish, and a cuppa and a biscuit afterwards. Exposition is also held at the Irish Martyr’s Chapel at Loyola College Wednesdays 5.30-6.30pm. All are welcome!
  • For more information contact Brian Rooney (0413 885 168)