Feast of St Phoebe

Australian Catholics Exploring the Diaconate presents a webinar on the Feast of St Phoebe, featuring talks by Dr Phyllis Zagano and Rev Assoc Prof Anthony Gooley, and a response by Genevieve Jacobs AM. The event was supported by Catholic Religious Australia.

Teal candidates and the Catholic vote

"The point of this reflection is not to prosecute a political position per se, but to offer a suggestion, and it is tentative, that there might be a correlation between an aspect of Catholic schooling and Church presence, connected with Ignatian spirituality, and the erosion of the Liberal vote and the rise of Teal independents in these same areas."  Fr Chris Middleton SJ, Rector of Xavier College in Melbourne


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Compassionate Listening

Father Richard shares his experience of how challenging it is to hear each other without agenda or defensiveness:   more


Why Trial by Social Media Is Toxic and Unjust

We live in a world where social media has given a new meaning to most traditional ways of doing things. You don’t need to land a movie or a T.V. show to be a celebrity. You don’t need to struggle to find a platform to be an influencer. There is no dearth of ways to express your view to the whole world. Read more....

Source: Medium

Be honest with God when you pray

Soul Seeing: Letting yourself be known in your relationship with God means, more or less, the same as it does in any relationship: You must speak about your life, share your feelings and reveal yourself openly.

Read more: https://www.ncronline.org/news/opinion/soul-seeing/be-honest-god-when-you-pray

Article Source: National Catholic Reporter

Don't Look Up

Have you seen the Netflix movie Don’t Look Up? If not, this article might encourage you to watch it. If so, this article takes us to the depth of things….

Watching a movie about our human failure to prevent the end of the world might feel like too much to bear as we approach the third year of the pandemic, especially as we mourn over 5 million lives lost to the virus, struggle to sustain our overwhelmed medical systems or even obtain safe masks or timely tests. Yet there is something deeply hopeful hidden amidst the film's satire and despair. This is more than a movie about the end of the world — it is also a movie about the deep sacramentality of human connection. Read more...

Article Source: National Catholic Reporter

2021 Abraham Conference: Women Leaders in the Abrahamic Traditions

Francis speaks with Slovakian Jesuits

ROME – In his conversation with Slovakian Jesuits while visiting the country last week, Pope Francis took a swipe at his media critics, saying he sometimes loses patience with people who insult without knowing the facts. Read more...

Article Source: Crux

“The Center of the Church? It’s not the Church!”: Pope Francis in Budapest and Slovakia

At 6:10 a.m. on September 12, 2021, a flight with the pope on board, together with, his entourage and 78 accredited journalists, took off from Fiumicino airport for Budapest, where it landed around 7:45 a.m. Thus began the 34th apostolic journey of Pope Francis. Read more...
Article Source: La Civilta Cattolica

Seeing the gift in everything - Dr Edith Eger

Revealing Hope! This is a wonderful interview with Edith Eger, a 93 year old survivor of Auschwitz, who went on to become an eminent psychologist. A contemporary of Victor Frankl, Eger teaches us how to embrace hope and grow through this experience of loss and uncertainty during the pandemic, letting it grow in us wisdom, strength, hope and peace.

Bishop Vincent Long’s story

Bishop Vincent Long, OFM Conv, Bishop of Parramatta, tells his own story of seeking safety as a refugee, and urges Catholics to challenge anti-refugee attitudes evident in our current government policies. Read more...

Palm Sunday - An Article by Andy Hamilton SJ for CAPSA

Andy Hamilton SJ recently wrote about the significance of Palm Sunday as a time to reflect on our responses to people seeking asylum.
"Palm Sunday invites us to consider the price we put on humanity and compassion." Read more...

Australian Women Preach Podcast

An initiative of WATAC (Women and the Australian Church) and the Grail in Australia, the goal of the Australian Women Preach Podcast is to showcase preaching by Christian women from across all denominations, relevant to contemporary Australian life.
Read more about this initiative here.

Vale Bishop Geoffrey Robinson

Saying farewell to Bishop Geoffrey Robinson, who died this past December 29, is saying goodbye to one of the few Australian Catholic bishops with his integrity and reputation for honesty still intact. He championed the defense of the weak and the abused. Read more...
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We look to the future with hope...

As  a new era begins in the United States, it does well for us to reflect on the dynamics of hate and the danger inherent in the ideology of division.

How easily our own fears and anxieties and insecurities can  be fanned into a fire which destroys lives.

“Behold the handmaid of the Lord”

Click here for a wonderful reflection on The Annunciation.

The Gospel according to Mark - read by David Suchet

Advent 2020 is fast approaching and our Sunday Gospel readings will be from Mark.  David Suchet (the famous actor who portrayed “Poirot”) beautifully reads Mark’s Gospel from St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral, London where he is a parishioner. Having a bible with you when listening helps with a deeper understanding of this Gospel. The hypothesis that Mark’s Gospel, the shortest of the four Gospels was written first, continues to be held by the majority of scholars today. The video is approximately 2 hrs long. David Suchet has also made an audio recording of the whole Bible.

Art and Soul - Uncovering The Spiritual in Art with Elio Capra SDB

Those who have been fortunate enough to be taught by Fr Elio Capra will know of his enthusiasm and love of spirituality in art (as well as liturgy and the sacraments). He is now offering this wonderful website with the primary focus, as he says, is “... in the spiritual dimension that the work opens and the way it provokes reflection and prayer”. It has an offering for us on so many levels.

Vale Fr Tony Campbell SJ

This article is inspiring and moving as we read of Fr Tony Campbell’s preparedness to take notions of faith, his analytic and loving scholarship of what he called the First Testament and the revelation of his life- a man of integrity and compassion is every aspect of his life. Tony Campbell lived in Melbourne and taught at the United Faculty of Theology on Parkville, now known as Pilgrim College.
We can be proud that he was amongst us.  Read more..
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The Assumption of Mary - A reflection shared with students by Fr Steven Rigo

A Great Podcast series on St Paul, by Archbishop Mark Coleridge

The Birth of the Church: Why the loser won.
This podcast series, hosted by Archbishop Mark Coleridge, will explore the fascinating story of St Paul. As we enter a change of era it is opportune to reflect on St Paul’s role during a previous change of era and reflect on learnings that may help the church blaze a trail into new territory.
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What’s the inner work you’re being called to do?

"We can be quick to name all the ways others have to change, but fail to recognise how we have to change."
Andy Otto, former Jesuit, lay minister and creator of "God in all things" website,  talks about the complexities involved in doing the "inner work" required for real transformation. Read more...

Come to me, all who are weary... - A reflection by Jacinta Bright

Changing the way we look at life can be the stuff of conversion.

Conversion breaks through the illusions which often cloud our thinking.

It is about being in the world differently. Genuine conversion enables us to see life differently. Sometimes accompanied by profound gratitude which we call grace.

A retired priest from the Archdiocese of Sydney, Monsignor Tony Doherty, shares his reflection.

What is the Christian journey you want to take…?

Ryan Thomas Neace interviews Fr Richard Rohr - Franciscan priest, the founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albquerque, New Mexico, and the author of more than 25 books about Christian spirituality.
Neace says, “so many of my evangelical counterparts have attempted to counter shallow, Western Christianity with an ever-tighter grip around doctrine and a focus on the intellect, continually appealing to one’s ability to say “uh-huh” at certain theological points as somehow a marker of that person’s spiritual fitness. They continue to (mis)believe that spiritual depth is a work of what we know, rather than embracing the Cloud of Unknowing that is surely resident in any human effort to fathom God. Rohr’s life and works posit the opposite. In that sense, his thinking around matters spiritual is uncommonly broad, and allows for so much more freedom in a postmodern era where the sheer volume of seemingly conflicting information and points of view can be otherwise overwhelming. What’s more, his constant emphasis on Christ’s values – things like mercy, simplicity, and perhaps most importantly, grace – in real and practical ways embodies the kind of Christian journey I desperately wanted, but could never find until more recent years.”
Father Richard Rohr: Interviews with Spiritual Heroes

Years of friendship continues between Choctaw Nation, Irish people

In a time of vulnerability, we recognise the fundamental human dignity of the other and if we allow it to touch us, our prejudices and false beliefs drop away.

This is a moving story from Global Sisters Report and reveals the Spirit active in our World. Read more...

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Spirituality and Community

At the Fetzer Institute, they believe in the possibility of a loving world: a world where we understand we are all part of one human family and know our lives have purpose. In the world they seek, everyone is committed to courageous compassion and bold love—powerful forces for good in the face of fear, anger, division, and despair.
As Catholics we recognise and honour the Spirit at work in all people, whether they are people of faith or not. We are in awe of how the Spirit works for the building up of a world of love, justice and compassion.
What spiritual presence or practice do you bring to the communities you belong to and why? Fetzer gathered people from various traditions to talk about how they nurture the spiritual dimension while in community.
If you would like to take part in a reflection and discussion group as a result of these videos, please email Jacinta Bright or contact the Parish Office on 9435 1543.
All welcome!

A reflection on ANZAC Day - Fr Steven Rigo

The celebration of the Eucharist and the Easter Ceremonies - Fr Steven Rigo

Celebrating Sacraments at this time - Fr Steven Rigo

How we can communicate and care for each other - Fr Steven Rigo

Signs of Hope

A reflection for Easter Sunday focusing on John 20:1-18 with photos from around East Gippsland.

The mothers of Jesus and Judas embrace

As we wait and grieve in the dark and stark reality of the tomb, experiencing nothing but the loneliness and despair of the cross, consider the meeting of two mothers, who bridge the divide of what many might consider a chasm, yet a pain that seems at odds, but is shared, brings them together in love. Read more...

Praying at home during this Coronavirus Holy Week

A theologian offers a practical way for Catholics to celebrate the most important liturgical events of the Christian faith. Read more...
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A Poem for Letting Yourself Be

From On Being's Poetry Unbound.
Kei Miller’s poem “Book of Genesis” asks us to imagine a God who makes things spring into life specifically for us. Listen to the podcast and immerse yourself in this poem, guided by Pádraig Ó Tuama. Read more...
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Can prayer save us from COVID-19?

What is the place of prayer and faith during times of national and global epidemics like we are currently experiencing? Read more..
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Responding to the Coronavirus - Student Worksheet

Talking to your school aged children about the coronavirus may help to alleviate fear and uncertainty. This worksheet offers prevention and mitigation techniques based on the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention guidance and includes a faith component to remind children of God’s unconditional love for them. Read more...

Examen for life during COVID-19

The Examen is a traditional method of prayerful awareness that is a bedrock in Ignatian spirituality and Jesuit education. It’s a short, easy way to reflect on your day and become more mindful about where you are experiencing grace or goodness and where there is room in your actions and life for growth. Especially in times of uncertainty and rapid change, taking time to reflect becomes essential. Read more..

Love Alone Overcomes Fear

A Message from Richard Rohr about COVID-19

American author, spiritual writer, and Franciscan friar, Richard Rohr, reflects on the coronavirus pandemic and the opportunity we have to be changed by the suffering of others. Read more...

Unpacking Evangelii Gaudium

The Holy Father has written an extraordinary document designed to set forth his vision for the Church. The document is titled Evanglii Gaudium which means “The Joy of the Gospel.” An Apostolic Exhortation is written by the Pope to synthesize the thinking of a recently held Synod of Bishops, in this case, the Bishops’ Synod of October, 2012, that focused on the New Evangelization. Typically, the Exhortation that follows such a synod draws heavily from the propositions put forth by the bishops at the synod.

Dr Wil Gafney TheoEd

In this TheoEd talk, Dr Wil Gafney (USA) talks about a biblical language for a God who transcends gender.

Food for thought

Is there more to life than this?