Sacraments Overview

The Sacramental Life of the Church
Belonging to the Church as members brings with it privileges and responsibilities. The primary privilege is 'belonging' itself. Belonging to others is fundamental to being human. We are social beings and we need to have a sense of belonging to people who help us form our identity and the need we have to be among people with whom I feel comfortable and who accept me for who I am - can be with me in my times of joy and celebration as well as in my times of pain, sorrow and grief. To belong to the Church means that I belong to a people who claim by their lives and the values they live, that God is important in their lives and that their relationship with Jesus and with one another makes a difference to the way they live and the priorities they have. Belonging to the Church not only enables members to celebrate the Sacraments, but also charges them and empowers them to live out the meaning of each of the Sacraments in their lives so that they just don't remain single events celebrated in the church building.
St Mary’s Faith Formation Guide for School Parents
This booklet will enable you to refresh your memories about the sacraments, and also learn something about the way the Church talks about these important religious rituals today, but more importantly, that you may come to a deeper understanding of our Catholic Faith and a more life-enriching appreciation of our Sacramental life. The initiation of your children into the Catholic Faith is important to you because it has been a fundamental part of your own identity which you now want to impart to your children as theirs. As your parish and school, we honour this and seek to assist you to develop this identity for your children.
This booklet also provides the practical details you will require to prepare for the day of the Sacramental celebration. It offers suggestions designed to help you support and learn with your child at home, and to make use of opportunities to pray together as a family.
(Due to COVID restrictions we have not updated Sacrament dates.)