This is the only Sacrament that a couple confers on one another - they are the ministers of the Sacrament. The priest acts as the celebrant and witness, but it is the couple themselves who establish a covenantal relationship with one another to be life-giving to each other for the rest of their lives. It involves a type of dying to oneself as each person commits themselves to the up-building of the other. The Sacrament is the closest approximation to the life-giving love that God has for us. 

It is a Sacrament in which we most clearly participate in the creative power of God's love - made obvious in the children that are born out of that relationship, but primarily in the creative love that enables the development of the other person. If a couple is receptive to the Spirit of God in their relationship, the Spirit can enable each of the partners to be co-creators with God in the further development of each other. This power is further manifested not only in the creation of children from their loving union, but also in their collaborating with the creator God in the nurture of their children. It is because creation is a process of development in which we participate and not just in the conception or birth. 

Marriage points to the birth of the creative and generative self, igniting the life-giving and creative energy bonding flesh and spirit; body and soul. It enables a couple and a family to witness to the power of the faithful, life-giving love that God has for us and provides the environment for the nurture and development of each member of the family.


If you would like to enquire about Marriage please speak with one of our priests or contact the Parish Office on 9435 1543 .

Weddings at St Mary’s church should be booked six months prior to the date, by contacting Fr Steven. Sunday weddings are unable to be booked. Due to the number of Masses already celebrated on a Sunday, unfortunately we cannot accommodate weddings on Sundays. A suggested donation of $450 – being $200 for the priest’s time in preparation and administration and $250 for use of the church, which goes towards maintenance and upkeep. If you supply your own priest, the donation will be $250 for use of the church. 


It is a state and church requirement that you attend a Marriage Preparation Course. Click here for more information. 



Wedding Anniversaries

On the last weekend of each month, couples who have celebrated a wedding anniversary during that month will be invited to receive a blessing at each Mass.