Holy Orders

Everyone who is baptised has conferred upon them the role of Priest, Prophet and King. In other words, they are commissioned to pray for others and lead them to God; to be a person through whose words and actions God is revealed; and to serve others. In a particular way those who are called to the vocation of ministerial priesthood are to dedicate their whole lives to the care of the faithful in each of these areas and are ordained and commissioned to specific responsibilities of pastoral care. 

The energy of Ordination is to ignite those who are ordained to respond in service to the call of the community for leadership and stewardship of God's creation. The ordained priest is given the responsibility of ministering the Sacraments, but to especially care for the spiritual welfare of those in his care. He is to do this under the leadership of the bishop with the aim of building up the community of believers. In his leadership role he is given the responsibility to nurture the gifts of the Holy Spirit in each person in the community and to empower them to exercise these gifts for the sake of the community and in the wider world in which each member of  the community is engaged. 


If you would like to enquire Holy Order or Religious Life please speak with one of our priests.