Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation are the Church’s three Sacraments of Initiation. Baptism begins this process of initiation. Just as you welcome a child into your family and begin the process of their development, so in Baptism, you give thanks for the gift of your child and ask that he or she be welcomed into a wider family, the Catholic Church.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How we celebrate baptism at St Mary’s
At St Mary’s Baptisms are celebrated on the second and third Sundays of the month, after the 10.00 Mass. We usually begin the ceremony at 11.30 and it goes for about 45 minutes, however we do encourage you and your guests to join the Parish community at the 10.00am Mass, if you possibly can, as this is the community into which your child will be baptised. We would usually have no more than four baptism families at a ceremony.
  • Can we have a private baptism?

Baptism is about being made a part of the community of faith; it is not a private family occasion. Therefore baptisms are normally conducted with members of our faith community and other families on Sunday in the parish church as it is the local parish community that welcomes new members and provides the sense of belonging for the children.

  • How do we registering our child for baptism at St Mary’s

Come along to meet one of our priests straight after a weekend Mass and they will book in the Baptism for you. You might like to download and complete the Registration Form and bring it with you. Alterantively, pick up a form after Mass or from the Parish Office.

  • What is the role and what are the responsibilities of Godparents?

At the Baptism ceremony Godparents are asked to promise to support the parents in bringing up the child as Christian within the Catholic community. The number of Godparents is a decision for parents to make, however it is a requirement that at least one Godparent must be a baptised Catholic who has been confirmed and received their first Eucharist. A Godparent must not be less than 16 years of age and may not be a parent of the child.

  • Continuing the steps towards Baptism
  1. A member of the St Mary’s Baptism Team will contact you and advise you of the date for a Preparation Night, at which the Team will engage you and your child’s Godparents if they can come, around the notion of Baptism. There will be time for reflection and time to arrange the practical considerations for the ceremony itself.
  2. At a 10.00am Sunday Mass, in the week or two prior to the Baptism ceremony, along with other families preparing for Baptism, you will be presented to the Parish community gathered at that Mass.
  • Questions

If you have any questions, feel free to email or call the Parish Office or speak with one of our priests after Mass.