Liturgy Group

The Liturgy Group aims to ensure that Liturgy is welcoming and inclusive of all people. Liturgy is relevant to our daily lives. The Liturgy Group seeks to enable the Word that we hear to resonate with our experience of life and to enable all parishioners to fully and actively participate in Liturgical celebrations. To do this we reflect on relevant Scripture, attend formation to deepen our knowledge and understanding of our faith and the Liturgy, and take special care to highlight the Church’s seasons through colour, symbols and special Liturgies in order to connect the season with our ordinary lives and with the community. We also prepare Communal Penitential Services during the seasons of Advent and Lent as well as the Prayers of the Faithful for weekend Liturgies using official guidelines and texts. In this Season of Lent we are using the theme of ‘Hope’. As Joan Chittister OSB writes, 'Hope requires that we spin a few dreams that are possible, do-able and desirable.’ 
We meet 7:30pm on the second Tuesday of each month at the Parish House. All are welcome. If you are interested in more information or joining us, please contact the Parish Office on 9435 1543 or Marian Tacey on 040 591 527. 

Liturgical Ministries

Altar Society
The Altar Society is one of the first groups started at St. Mary's Parish, beginning in early 1960’s. It is a small group that is always open to welcoming new members. The group works on a weekly roster system and because of its size we keep in touch via the phone and the roster, so no formal meetings.
We are responsible for:
  • The Altar linen , laundry, making, mending
  • Flowers , collection and arrangements
  • Little Shop, a welcoming smile after each weekend Mass. Selling religious items, books, cards, magazines
  • Dusting and Cleaning, around the Altar and Church.
For enquires or to join this group please contact the Parish Office.
Altar Servers
The Altar Serving Ministry at St Mary’s provides an important opportunity for young people to be actively involved in the liturgy, assisting the priest during Mass. Any young person who has received First Communion is encouraged to join as an Altar Server, no experience is required or requested. If you or a young person you know are interested in joining or want to know more please contact Troy Flores (0419 528 921 or
Ministers of the Word
proclaim the first and second readings and lead the congregation in reciting the Psalm and Gospel Acclamation. 
Prayer Leaders
read the Prayers of Intercession for the Church, the world and the community.
Ministers of Communion (Extraordinary Minister of Eucharist)
assist the celebrant with the distribution of Holy Communion.
The role of Sacristan is a very special one because it allows the person responsible to prepare the Church for Mass which is a great privilege. Duties involve everything from opening up the Church, turning on the lighting, sound, heating/ cooling, Baptismal font and lighting candles to making sure everything that the Priest requires for the celebration of the Eucharist is in place. After each Mass then everything is put away, turned off or locked away. Anyone wanting to join the roster of regular Sacristans could approach the Sacristan at their preferred Mass one weekend to discuss further.   
Music and Choir
The role of the musician/s is to lead the congregation in song, enabling a greater active participation by all in the celebration of the Eucharist. As is encouraged, 'One cannot find anything more religious and more joyful in sacred celebrations than a whole congregation expressing its faith and devotion in song.' (Musicam Sacram, Instruction on music in the liturgy, §16) 
Data projectionists
enable greater participation by the congregation by displaying prayers, responses and hymn words. 
These ministries are coordinated by the Liturgy Team and formation sessions for new ministers and renewal of commitment by current ministers are held throughout the year. Contact the parish office 9435 1543 for more information.
Liturgy of the Word
Members of this team conduct Celebrations of Liturgy of the Word each Monday during the year and on days when there is no priest to celebrate Eucharist. These liturgies provide the opportunity for parishioners to encounter Jesus in the Word. The format is parallel to the first half of the Mass, which is called the Liturgy of the Word. We listen to the readings proclaimed, a reflection is provided and we have prayers of intercession. 
Liturgy of the Word for Children
St Mary’s has a group of trained volunteers who minister to our children by providing Liturgy of the Word for children, during our 10.00am Sunday Mass. The children are called forth just before the Liturgy of the Word and taken to the Gathering Space in the church, where one of the readings, usually the Gospel, is shared with them in language they will understand. The facilitators help the children reflect on what God is saying to them through the reading. The children come back into the church during the Offertory Procession. We generally take children between grades two and four, as older children are better able to grasp the readings as proclaimed by the lector. Children younger than grade two are welcome, provided an adult is with them.

Funeral Ministry Team
Members of this team provide support to those who come to the parish seeking a funeral for a loved one. The team offers this support, planning for funerals with family and friends, for a Funeral Mass or a Funeral Service. This can involve the selection of readings, hymns, guidance in the preparation of a booklet and assistance in the setting up of slide presentation. On funeral days members liaise with the funeral director, set up the church, assist with parking, operate the computer and are available to support the celebrant and the family. When it is a Funeral Service, a member of the team will also preside (be the celebrant) for the Service, either in our church or at the funeral director’s chapel, the cemetery. Team members are trained in pastoral skills and in leading Liturgy. As well as the above roles, team members are available to lead graveside services.