Mass Times and Liturgy of the Word

A Eucharistic Community 

The Eucharist is referred to as the "source and summit" of the Church's life and therefore the life of all its members. In listening to the Word of God and through being nourished by God's life in the Eucharist, we become increasingly who God calls us to be and effectively, who we really want to become. The regular celebration of the Eucharist is essential for the life of the Catholic community in order for its members to live out their faith in daily lives. We also are enabled to clarify our identity as Catholics by our participation in the Eucharistic celebration of the community of the parish. As a family reinforces its own identity and that of its members whenever it celebrates events that are important in the life of that family, so the parish community reinforces its identity as Christ's body and affirms all participants in the gathering of the parish Eucharist.
  • Weekdays
    Weekday Masses are celebrated Tuesday to Friday at St. Mary's Church at 9.15am.  
  • Saturday Vigil Mass
    A Vigil Mass is celebrated on Saturday at 6.30pm.
  • Sunday Mass
    Masses on Sunday are celebrated at 8.00am, 10.00am and 5.00pm.