St Mary's Primary School


I warmly welcome you to the Community of St Mary’s Greensborough. I am extremely excited to be the Principal of St Mary’s and I look forward to getting to know you and your child and view our relationship as a partnership in your child’s education Foundational to our work with students, families and the school community is the building of genuine, authentic relationships.

Our school will endeavour to provide opportunities for each child to reach their full potential in a high performing, nurturing, Catholic environment.

Our staff is made up of committed, dedicated people who welcome discussion with you about your child’s learning. Student wellbeing is a priority at St Mary’s because we believe students learn best when they feel safe and happy. Please inform me and their teacher if ever you have any questions or concerns.  

We are a dynamic community with many opportunities to get involved and get to know one another whether that be through the School Advisory Board, The Parents’ Association or Parish Pastoral Council. St Mary’s provides an excellent avenue for socialising, making new friends and getting involved in the Parish and school community. There are also many opportunities for you to be partners in your child’s learning and we appreciate and value your input and commitment.

Marisa Matthys


Our Mission and Vision 

We believe that St Mary’s Primary School should be a christian community where:
  • We prepare our students to meet the demands of an ever changing world by highlighting the relevance of our faith and catholic tradition, to contemporary culture and life.
  • The staff, parents, clergy and members of our parish community, work together as educators, using Christ as our central focus and model.
  • We promote a harmonious and welcoming climate where students, staff, families and members of our parish community feel secure, valued and respected.
  • We work to provide a curriculum that is rich in content and of an academically high standard.
  • We value the uniqueness of each student and endeavour to develop the whole child in relation to their intellectual, physical, moral, cultural, aesthetic, social, spiritual and emotional needs.
  • We aim to create a learning environment that encourages personal growth by supporting, motivating, challenging and extending each student in their special talents.
  • We foster a positive self image which enables us to appreciate and value each other.