Our Parish Partnership


The Partnered Parishes of St Mary's, Sacred Heart and St Thomas'  

In January 2017, St Mary’s was partnered with the parishes of Sacred Heart Diamond Creek and St Thomas Greensborough North. Each has its own unique history and distinctive culture which we encourage you to view on each parish's website below.

St Mary’s Greensborough

204 Grimshaw St., Greensborough, 3088
9435 1543 (Office) / 9432 2515 (Presbytery)
Parish Secretaries: Frances Olofsson & Sharon Prosser

Mass Times
  • Monday: Liturgy of the Word at 9.15am
  • Tuesday to Friday: Mass at 9.15am
  • Saturday: Mass at 8.30am and Vigil Mass at 6.30pm
  • Sunday: Mass at 8.00am, 10.00am and 5.00pm
Reconciliation Times
  • Saturday: 9.00am & 5.45pm
  • Second and third Sundays at 11.30 am. Please see one of our priests to make the necessary arrangements after any Mass on Sunday or Saturday evening.
Parish School
St Mary's Primary School
Principal: Mrs. Marisa Matthys (9433 4000 or Principal@smgreensborough.catholic.edu.au)

Sacred Heart Diamond Creek

25 Gipson Street, Diamond Creek 3089
9438 1159
Parish Secretary: Pat Guatta

Mass Times
  • Monday: Communion Service at 9.15am
  • Wednesday and Friday: Mass at 9.15am
  • 1st Saturday of the month: Vigil Mass at St. Peters Hurstbridge 7.15pm
  • Sunday: Mass at 9.00am
Reconciliation Times
  • Friday: 9.45am to 10.15am
Parish School

St Thomas Greensborough North

251 Diamond Creek Road, Greensborough Nth 3088
9434 7373
Parish Secretaries: Mary Gargan and Lisa Leahy

Mass Times
  • Tuesday & Thursday: Mass at 9.15am
  • Saturday: Vigil Mass at 6.00pm
  • Sunday: Mass at 10.30am
Reconciliation Times
  • Saturday: 9.30am to 10.30am
Parish School

Partnered Parishes Plenary Council Facilitators' Group

Letter to Archbishop Peter Comensoli

In the newsletter of 20th March we advised you that the group was exploring ways to acknowledge the pain and hurt caused by sexual abuse in our Church by some members of the clergy, religious and others engaged in Church work.  This was in response to the major concern expressed by so many parishioners during the Listening and Dialogue and Discernment

phases of the Plenary Council consultation about sexual abuse within the Church.

We can now report that a letter and proposal has been sent to Archbishop Comensoli  regarding the raising of a sculpture/statue and plaque to be placed in the cathedral grounds, "as an act of sorrow and reparation for those betrayed and hurt by this abuse".

We await his reply.  Work is continuing on the wording and placement of a plaque within each parish grounds, again acknowledging the pain and suffering of those abused and expressing sorrow, and the development of a ritual of sorrow/lament.  
It is encouraging to note that in the framework of the proposed motions for consideration for the Plenary Council members who meet again in July, there is an acknowledgement of "profound sorrow" and "unreserved apology" for the abuse of children and young people by Church personnel, that "religious leaders have failed to act sufficiently to prevent abuse"  and a commitment "to do whatever we can to promote healing ... and acknowledge the need for repentance".  An annual day of prayer is also mentioned, to particularly address the needs of those who have been hurt.  We believe that the three projects above are ways that, at our local level, we are able to respond proactively to the pain and betrayal felt by many in our Church, now clearly acknowledged by the leaders of the Church.

Archbishop’s reply to the proposal out forward by the Partnered Parishes Plenary Facilitators’ Group (here)