Parish Team

Leadership Team


Parish Pastoral Council (PPC)

The role of the PPC is to...
  • adopt a listening and receptive attitude towards the community
  • have the whole parish community in view – its past, present and future
  • explore the needs, hopes and gifts of the community
  • pray and reflect on these needs, hopes and gifts so as to discern the distinct areas of mission for the community and the gifts of its members
  • propose, in dialogue with the whole community, a pastoral plan with practical steps and priorities to match members’ gifts with these areas of mission.
The Parish Pastoral Council will consist of 4-10 parishioners duly appointed and ex-officio members consisting of Parish Priest, Assistant Priest(s), Pastoral Associate, Parish School Staff Representative and up to two (2) others. Parish appointed members will be determined by the Parish nominating candidates during Lent every second year. A discernment process will then be carried out by those nominated together with the balance of the Council, and the required number of replacement members agreed upon by Easter. New members will be commissioned on Pentecost Sunday. The Parish Pastoral Council meets monthly usually on the first Tuesday of the month.

The current PPC members are:
  • Nick Scully
  • Elizabeth Whiting (Chair)
  • Mark Di Pasquale
  • Josette De Souza
  • Bhushan De Costa
  • Lorenzo Gullone
  • Steve Hodgson
Please feel free to speak with any PPC member in person or PPC members can be contacted through the parish office: 9435 1543 or email us directly

Finance Committee

The Parish Finance Committee is a Canon Law mandated advisory committee to the Parish Priest. The committee assists the Parish Priest with the finances of the Parish, maintaining the Parish properties, planning for future Capital Works and raising the necessary funds.
  • For more information contact the parish office (9435 1543

Strategic Planning Group


Parish Child Safety Committee


School Advisory Council

The fundamental purpose of the School Advisory Board (SAB) is the realisation of the School’s Vision Statement and to advise on the following matters:
  • To review school improvement incorporating educational requirements and physical facilities
  • To maintain the well-being of students and engage parents in student learning
  • To provide the link between other community groups
  • To support the implementation of projects and future planning
  • To support community involvement.
The SAB will act as a forum for discussion on matters concerning education in the school. The SAB will function to support the provision of Catholic education in the Parish by providing a link to the school community and to promote the role of community in the life of the school. The SAB:
  • Supports communication between parents/guardians, the School Principal, staff and children and elaborates on opinions of the Board.
  • Liaises between parents and staff on educational issues.
  • Provides input into matters of school policy from parent and community perspectives.
  • Ensures that the children have the best learning opportunities available to them.
The SAB is the central hub to which all school committees belong. The SAB membership shall comprise of the following:
  • Up to 10 parent representatives of children who attend St. Mary’s School.
  • Three staff representatives
  • The executive comprises of the Chairperson, School Principal and Parish Priest.
The SAB is responsible for developing policies and special projects as well as promoting community engagement. 
  • For more information contact the Parish Office (9435 1543)

Diamond Valley Deanery

St Mary's Parish is a member of the Diamond Valley Deanery. As a family of parishes, the Diamond Valley Deanery is dedicated to supporting its member parishes in their commitment to the mission of Christ in the Church and the wider community; and to initiate areas of pastoral effectiveness which these members are unable to achieve individually. As a people of hope, in a spirit of hospitality, it collaboratively strives to share gifts, resources, and responsibilities so that common needs will be matched with common strengths.
What the Deanery does:
  • Coordinates Cross-Parish Activities
  • Sources parish initiatives/ideas and considers the merit of broader application
  • Provides standardization
  • Provides economies of scale, and rationalization & sharing of work and materials
  • Conducts analysis & planning activities
  • Keeps the community/parishioners informed on what’s currently going on across the parishes, and provides contact names and addresses.
  • Provides an information source to the general public of the Mass times of all parishes and the Ministries that are serving people in and across the parishes.
  • Acts as a conduit between the Archdiocese and parishes
  • Facilitating communication between parishes

What the Deanery doesn’t do:
  • Interfere with, or do, the work of the parishes
  • Provide funds or human resources for the work of the parishes
  • Communicate information that is specifically aimed at individual parish people or groups.
The Deanery has no physical structure, it is a committee consisting of 2 or 3 representatives from each of its 9 parishes. The committee meets about 6 times a year utilizing, on a rotational basis, parish meeting rooms. There, it determines the tasks, allocates the responsibilities and monitors progress. Each representative accordingly becomes a leader of projects/activities, recruiting volunteers, as required, who have the skills and capabilities to contribute to the undertaking of the tasks.