Welcome to St Mary’s Catholic Parish, Greensborough!

Our goal is to foster a Spirit-led community which responds to the needs of its people & neighbours, to live out our mission and vision of becoming a vibrant Christian community which proclaims the Gospel & strives to be the face of Christ in the World.

The Season of Lent: Create a new heart

Lent is the liturgical season for prayer, reflection and contrition for any wrongdoing we have made in our lives as we prepare for the joyous season of Easter.

Our theme for this year, "Create a New Heart", offers all of us the opportunity to open our minds and hearts to embrace and live by the Word of God. When we look around our communities, our country, our world, we often see war and turmoil, hate and revenge, and many people who have turned from a spiritual relationship with God. To follow the teachings of Jesus we need a new heart, one that is open to and knows the will of God. And with a new and transformed heart we can fulfil our mission: "to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God" (Micah 6:8).

Create a new heart, holy Lord, beckon our lives through your word,
Open our eyes to your call, united as one for your world.
Heighten our minds to your thoughts, heal us of pride and of hurt,
May we go forth in your name, we pray our hearts change.

(A New Heart for a New World, T. Watts and M. O’Brien)


Jesus on the Road to Calvary by Raphael

Stations of the Cross

During this season of Lent, we invite you to pray the Stations of the Cross. It can be prayed individually or in a group, and is a deeply reflective way of walking alongside Jesus as he takes up his cross on the road to Calvary.


Scriptural Stations of the Cross

This traditional Stations of the Cross draws upon the Scriptures in the retelling of Jesus' journey to the cross. 

Mary's Stations of the Cross

This follows the mother of Jesus as she walks with her Son on the road to Calvary and to his crucifixion. Jesus’ pain and suffering on the cross are seen through the sorrowful heart of his Mother.

Way of the Cross (video) 

This video reflection of the Stations of the Cross draws upon the Gospel of Mark and images of the Stations at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in Deepdene. They were carved by Austrian immigrant and celebrated sculptor Leopoldine Mimovich.



If any parishioner from our partnered parishes does not have a Working with Children Check, renewed their WWCC or have not completed the Safeguarding training module you will no longer be able to continue in the ministry that you volunteer in after the 11th November 2023. There will be no exception.

To apply for a WWCC go to: https://www.vic.gov.au/working-with-children-check

Alternatively you can complete the Safeguarding training now using your WWCC or VIT card to begin. To access the training follow the link: Safeguarding Training for Volunteers, Clergy and Staff