Welcome to St Mary’s Catholic Parish, Greensborough!

Our goal at St Mary’s is to foster a Spirit-led community which responds to the needs of its people and neighbours, in order that we might live out our parish mission and vision of becoming a vibrant Christian community which proclaims the Gospel and strives to truly be the face of Christ in the world. 

Update on the Celebration of Masses with a Congregation.

As of 11.59pm Wednesday 08 July 2020, all public Masses, Liturgies and communal devotions (whether indoors or outdoors) are temporarily suspended for 6 weeks or until further notice. Also affected by this closure are church buildings, adoration chapels and other church buildings used for public prayer and religious services. Priests may celebrate Mass privately in a closed church, including for the purposes of live streaming. In doing so all precautions such as physical distancing and hygiene measures must be modelled and met.


Sense of the Faithful

Our St  Mary's Parish leadership  received this letter  from Fr  Gerry McKernan, Parish Priest of  St Kevin's in Templestowe  on behalf of the  committee which oversees  the  website www.senseofthefaithful.org.au.  Fr Gerry and the committee ask us to read the articles available on the website, to reflect on and join in a conversation about what we believe to be "...Christ's presence in our changed world".
What does this mean? Given our experience of the pandemic and given our experience of our Church and given what we see happening in our world, what changes do we think "...our new world offers and demands?" That means, given that the way we understand what is important in life and in the Church, especially in what we have become aware of or what has heightened our awareness during this time of isolation, what do we want to hold on to, what do we want to let go of and what changes can we implement for the better - in our own lives, in the church and in the world?

Please have a look at Fr Gerry's letter and go to www.senseofthefaithful.org.au to read the articles there. Please then post some comments on our Facebook page or email either Fr Steve at steven.rigo@cam.org.au,  Jacinta Bright at jacinta.bright@cam.org.au or our Parish Pastoral Council at ppcstmgreensborough@gmail.com.

Diamond Valley Covid-19 Home Stories
Pope Francis' message for World Day of Social Communication
Good stories capture our imaginations, inspire us to be better, teach us, define us and help us bear witness to our own humanity and those of our neighbours. We weave our stories with other people’s stories on a common loom. Let’s weave together and see our tapestry.

Jesus was not only a healer, a teacher and prophet—he was a storyteller. He used his stories to illuminate the minds and souls of those who heard his voice. His voice can still be heard in the written form through the scripture, through the Mass, through the art and music that artists across the world are inspired to create and our very own voices (if we allow it to be).

Pope Francis’ 2020 Message for World Day of Social Communication is an inspirational piece about the value and need for our stories to be told. The text of his Message follows and is an inspiration for us to be story-tellers, especially at this crucial time in history. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we live in the short term and we are yet to see the changes that will occur in the future. Read more...