A Little About Us

In 1990 Archbishop Little signed the Charter of the Priests Retirement Foundation and appointed the inaugural committee, allowing it to commence its function of caring for the retired and sick priests of Melbourne.
Today, the Foundation in conjunction with the Archdiocese of Melbourne, cares for about 90 retired priests. It is anticipated that over the next five years, there will be an average of 5 priests retiring each year. It will cost the $3m annually, to support these priests in various places and in varying degrees of care, from low care to high care.
The Archdiocese of Melbourne has two purpose-built retirement homes exclusively for retired priests: Justin Villa in North Balwyn and George Maher House in Clifton Hill. Priests may also choose to live privately in their own house (often inherited) or a house or unit where the rental is funded by the Foundation.
The physical and mental wellbeing of all retired priests is continually overseen by two highly qualified nurses also funded by the Foundation.

Our Mission

The Foundation’s mission is to provide complete care to the retired clergy within the Archdiocese of Melbourne, due to either age or sickness. This includes, but is not limited to the provision of suitable accommodation and health care and medical out of pocket costs.


Early 1900’s 
The Infirm Priests Sustentation Society was setup to provide support for sick priests. Funds were raised by paid membership of priests to the society. 
The Priests Remuneration fund looks after the first 12 retired/sick priests. Between 1970 and 1990 the Priests Remuneration Fund looked after 115 retired priests. The funds were raised through a percentage of the presbytery collection.
The Little Sisters of the Poor build St Justin’s to care for retired priests.
The Archdiocese built Moran House for retired priests which was looked after by the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master
The Little Sisters of the Poor opened Justin House for priests who needed hospitalisation or special care.
The new St. Joseph’s is built in Northcote by the Little Sisters of the Poor.
The Priests Retirement Foundation is established by Archbishop Frank Little.
The first Father’s Day Appeal collection is taken up, replacing the former Priests Sick Fund Collection.
Justin Villa is opened in North Balwyn.
George Maher House is opened in Clifton Hill.
The Sister Disciples of the Divine Master take on the care of the retired priests at George Maher House.
A nurse is employed to manage Justin Villa and George Maher House.
The Clergy Care team is established, comprising of two nurses employed to oversee the welfare of retired and sick priests
Fr Gerry Beasley retires as Secretary of the Foundation after 20 years of running the Foundation from his presbytery in Footscray.
Peter Haberman appointed Executive Officer of the Foundation and registered office relocated to the CDF building in East Melbourne.
The Archdiocese is committed to the safety, wellbeing and dignity of all children and vulnerable adults.